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Thread: 1st time hit with depression my hubby

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    He had a major melt down this morn 2 the point he went for me never in my 16yrs I know him has he done this is about admitting 2 this affair. He said he would tell the neighbour wife we have been having a affair wtf and that my family would find out (as I have a lot of respect 4 my family being Asian it gets complicated) guys I got to the point were I had a crying meltdown and I can't take this anymore so I said that fine ring them now I can't do this anymore. I questioned him if I was having affair would I tell my family out of al things. I could c him thinking and he said when u say that I either think she is telling the truth or she's got the front 2 say that! He went to the doc but wouldn't take me so I gave a list for him to give the doctors of what I saw. He came back doc says I'm not depressed I'm just major stressed and got anger issues really! We're do I go from this so exhausted! ��������

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    Not "nagging" really... Suzi's Avatar
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    He went for you? In what way? Physically attacking you?
    No matter what his diagnosis you do not have to put up with this abusive behaviour.
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    Suzi's right, you do not have to put up with this. do you think he would consider relationship counselling?
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