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Thread: My boyfriend has severe depression, I want to help

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    Wish you and your boyfriend well. He is really lucky to have you and you being there will definitely help. Thoughts can certainly hurt someone and you may not be able to take away the suffering, but you can definitely and will be a huge contribution to his healing. I know this very well, because all of his symptoms you mentioned I've gone through. So as a man I can tell you the thoughts he's having can break a mans spirit. He doesn't feel strong enough to battle these demons, but he is and can be. As he suffers he's gonna neglect his responsibilities which will eventually compound into more stressful situations adding more depression. He'll need assistance with this, but gauge carefully as too not allow him to become too dependent on you. Although, this can be a long road ahead so strap in. Try to do more listening than talking. If anything try to sooth him and tell him he will make it through this and he's not alone rather than consoling him with advice. Sometimes in his mind it can come off as if you just don't understand what he's really going through only to make him even more upset and vulnerable. There are some great doctors out there, but they don't have the answers. That's why they prescribe drugs. So how can they really really know how and what it feels like in one's mind? Just a little food for thought. Some doctors are only as good as the drugs they prescribe. My experience.

    I've tried psychiotrist and psychologists and they weren't much help to me at the time. Being quite stubborn myself, young, paranoid and skeptical may have played a role, but they couldn't help me realize that so unless you get Dr. Phil, or alike I say, good luck.

    I started taking Lexapro (20mg) some years back and that seemed to help quite a bit for about 13 yrs, but either I've become immuned to it, or due to increase prices forced to purchase generic brands which could be a watered down version. Name brand if affordable is suggested. Ask your doctor about this prescription.

    So I leave you with just those few thoughts and I will check up on you guys in the coming days with prayers in mind. I still struggle, but I've figured out a few things along the way as a male. I'm battling this now for 35yrs hitting rock bottom out of my 43yrs on the earth. Take this for what it's worth.

    God Bless,

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    This situation is reverse for me, meaning im the one on medication and my partner is the one that puts up with me! Your partner is very lucky to have you!
    I do wonder how my partner feels, when i have my really bad days, but he always makes it slightly better and easier to cope with

    Always remember, if your partner is deep down, extremely lucky to have you, because your still with them and haven't abandoned them. It happens a lot with relationships, something im always scared of :'(

    I hope things start to get better with your partner, and keep positive!

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