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Thread: Hyperthymesia

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    The ability to recall personal experiences in vivid detail and sometimes being unable to stop said memories. Quite closely linked to eidetic or photographic memory.

    It's something that plagues me from day to day and is a major contribution to my recent depression relapse.

    Does anyone else on here suffer with this? And if so, any tips to help with it?

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    We've quite a few members who suffer from flashbacks to traumatic events. Have you had any specific counselling for it?
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    It's only recently been diagnosed, I thought it was just a good memory with a bad habit of timing. Once I explained what could happen with my councillor they were quick to get it looked into. It can make recalling all that's happened in my life very difficult.

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    Sometimes traumatic events cannot be processed by your brain and circles constantly, A person when they sleep at night their brain processes and files days events during that time, with trauma its hard to allow the process to take place. They have a therapy which mimics the REM sleep stage with a light stick which you follow lights left to right (or if like me I couldn't concentrate due to eye strain taking my mind off it) there is also vibrating pebbles you hold n your hands tat vibrate left to right. Its called EMDR "eye movement desensitization and reprocessing" It would be up to the counsellor / physch if they believe a therapy like that would help you as I wont lie to you, its hard, you are shattered after it and you have to relive the trauma n a controlled environment for it to work.

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