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Thread: Just another newbie here! *Possible Triggers*

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    Thanks Suzi
    I am being aware of it and people around me are reassuring me not to worry if I do 'crash' a little by the end of the week (I've had three very good days in a row now). If the mood does become a concern before my scheduled appointment, I will go to GP as soon as. xx

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    Hey bluebeary Thanks for the welcome!
    I'm glad that you've been able to take a step back from working full time and that you've been able to go part time now and be more 'balanced'. Your employers not wanting to let you go.. seems they are supportive of you and your situation too which is really positive.
    I don't like the feelings the meds give me... like being out of control and just a general sense of 'not being right'. That's just my own personal experience and preference. I would prefer to take something more natural. My auntie suffers with SAD really badly and takes Kalms. She says they've helped her greatly, but as we know we're all different.
    I'm glad to hear that you've been able to keep the self-harm issue under control for a few weeks. That's a real positive!!
    I'm sorry you're having another bout of depression. I'm on my second bout now and it feels like, 'ugh! This again?' I hope you're getting some support to help you get back to a stronger and happier place.
    I've just dropped my hours to part time too and my manager was SUPER supportive and understanding.
    Take care of yourself
    Em xx

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    *A few YEARS! Sorry!

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    Not "nagging" really... Suzi's Avatar
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    Sounds really focused on the positives! Well done!
    “You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
    - Jon Kabat-Zinn

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