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Thread: dermatillomania *TRIGGER !!!

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    Exclamation dermatillomania *TRIGGER !!!

    ive been aware of trichotillomania for many years which i do not nor have not ever experienced myself personally but know people who have and do

    but i googled something ive been doing alot lately and something ive down since i was a child, i have memories of my mother and even my father telling me to stop picking, i was never punished but just told not to do it

    i still do it today as an adult on and off, i have permanent scarring/ indentations on my face but no long term damage to my fingers, i dont know why i do it, usually when im anxious or stressed, even though my fingers or lips are bleeding ill carry on

    anyway until today i dint know it had a name and im understanding more about myself as i get older, just wanted to put this down in text for myself really, thanks for reading x

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    My son has this. He's done it for years - normally when he can't control other things in his life he'll do this. It's heartbreaking to see... But he's learnt to talk about it a bit more - ish...
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    Hi daughter had a similar was pulling her hair out, and the other was picking at the root of her the extent that the doctor said that he'd have to remove some of the nails!....I'm happy to say that she got past it, but I can fully understand it.x

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    I have done this for years,I thought it was just me.I particularly pick in the night when I can't sleep.I have quite a bit of scaring.I had wondered if it was a mild form of self harm.I have never done anything worse.I also bite my nails which I have done all my life,although strangely I can grow my nails for special occasions like a holiday or my son's wedding last year.I did actually stop picking before my knee operation in March because I knew if I had any open wounds they would not go ahead,so I obviously can control it.I never knew it had a name.

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