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Thread: small items that help you cope.

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    small items that help you cope.

    I found this interesting article about small items that helped people cope with their depression and anxiety. One chap has a ring and a neckless; one woman has a small stuffed dog to deal with anxiety and someone else plays the guitar.
    I know it sounds like the blue blanket that people carry round and that's okay if it calms you, so what little nick naks do you carry that help you?

    I have a photo of my boys that i carry round in my wallet that i look at they were the first photo i took of them when they were born.

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    Ok this is where I come clean about my Superman obsession. For those who don't know and S on his chest doesn't stand for Superman, the logo is kinda like a kryptonian family crest representing the house of El. It is the symbol of 'hope'. I'm actually scared to be hopeful, thinking that if I get my hopes up and things don't work out it will hurt so much more. I need to be reminded that there is always hope, always I reason to keep going. I've always got something on me with the logo on it.
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    Of course there's always hope... That was the last thing in Pandora's Box remember...
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