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Thread: I'm here

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    I'm here

    I've not posted very much recently. That has been partly because I have been so busy and also I have felt well enough to cope.
    I returned from Bruges last Sunday and I have a really wonderful time. Yes there was anxiety and some paranoia but mostly a very good trip. We sang at the Menin Gate which was truly emotional and also went to a brewery and on the canal.
    Since I've been back I have received some sad news that my Dads sister has died. Also I have found out through the Internet that my Uncle has also died in 2014. This is part of the family that we were estranged from. There is some business that is being dealt with. I expect you can guess what but as it is deeply personal I will update when I can.
    So today I'm feeling very tired and catching up on the washing.The sun is shining and D has gone to ring a Quarter. I'm also waiting for Tabby to appear.
    So it's cats and catching up. Work has been absolutely manic but it is all good.

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    Hi EJ. I'm so sorry for your loss, it's all coming at once for you . I'm so glad you enjoyed Bruges, and well done for coping with it.
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    It is hard as my Aunt was Dad's youngest sister so ten years younger than him. We hadn't seen her since 2011 since he died.I would like to know how she died and whether she was alone or in a hospice ? I won't get this information from my cousin so I will have to trawl the internet and get a copy of the death certificate. We are all so near to death and there is so much I would have liked to have told her. It was her elder sister who was the problem. She also turned Dads eldest brother's wife against us and returned Christmas cards and shouted and screamed down the phone to us. She also did not speak to her youngest sister for ten years and it was my Mum who reconciled them. Sadly she is not here to do this again.

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    It is raining here but the garden is looking wonderful

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    Feeling quite anxious as I have a really busy week ahead.

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    Its sad when someone passes and perhaps it is wise to get some bereavement counseling.
    Also you could join a genealogy group on the net and see what info comes up there. I hope you get the answers EJ1. Glad that you were busy and well enough to cope. Perhaps have a pray and see how you feel? How did the choir trip go, did you enjoy it?

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    Dear Purple I can't get bereavement counselling as it would take too much time. The ancestry sites want your money before they will let you sign up. I have just got to sit and wait to see if there is any respone from my cousin or do my own detective work. Thanks for your kind response.

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    Feeling so tired. I have a 'Come and Sing' to go to on Saturday but I am developing a cough.

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    Can you take honey and lemon for your cough?

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    Are you going to the come and sing if you have another cough coming? So sorry for your losses.
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