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Thread: Forum Rules as per 27th March 2017

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    Forum Rules as per 27th March 2017

    • PLEASE READ THE Registration agreement in full before signing.

    • We cannot and will never try to replace a qualified medical team.

    • We cannot and never will offer 1:1 support - if you need that then please call the Samaritans or dial 999 (or your local emergency services number) in an emergency

    • Everything posted is the view of the individuals: We have an amazing and friendly forum with a huge wealth of info/experiences/support. Sometimes suggestions are misleading/inaccurate/not suitable for you. Please do your own research and always consult with your Dr before acting.

    • We can be liable for what you post. When you post something, not only are you liable for what you say, but DWD can become liable too as the host. So it's not a case of posting what you like!

    • Posting is a privilege, not a right. This is a privately-owned site. Posting is a privilege, not a right. Any inappropriate posts or "troll" like activity will be stopped by the mods/admin team with or without explanation.

    • Be nice to all DWDers. The prime aim is to help provide a safe place to talk and gain peer to peer support. If you don’t like someone, their situation, their question or feel they’re intruding on ‘your thread’ then please talk to a moderator (names in green or blue) or admin (names in red). Please be polite to each other. DWD Mods and Admin do not tolerate anything which can be offensive to them or to anyone else.

    • TRIGGER WARNINGS: Remember that what you post needs to be suitable for all - if it isn't then please post in the relevant section or mark your post with a *trigger* warning, so that people are aware of the content. Please mark as follows:

    *SH* - Indicates a post/thread contains references to SELF HARM
    *SU* - Indicates mentions of suicide
    *AB* - Indicates mentions of abuse

    • Your online safety is down to you. Do not give out personal or online information on the forum. Remember to hide your email address in your profile.

    • Mods and admin are only here to help. We will always try to help. If you need to raise an issue with someone please do so via pm or use the report button (the triangle with an exclamation mark in it) at the bottom of each post and pm. Comments made on the forum which are negative to the mods/admin will be removed and dealt with via pm.

    • Do not use the colours green or red please as these are reserved for mods and admin.

    • Self Harm and Suicide Posts: Mods and Admin will remove any thread which suggests that a member has harmed themselves if they do not post again within two hours to let everyone know that they are safe. Threads of this nature cause worry for all members and can be a trigger to others.

    • In an emergency situation Mods and Admin reserve the right to contact emergency services or relevant external agencies.

    • Please do not place links in your signature unless previously agreed with admin

    • Only 1 account per member.

    The rules listed may be changed or amended at any time without warning.
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    Forum rules. There are no rules.

    We're not evolving were going backwards with caveman mentality and with new technology.

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