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Thread: I am unsure how to feel

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    We ended up speaking, and as per out usual issues it was a misunderstanding and it's been resolved. The way I conveyed myself to him when we spoke before caused him to misunderstand me, and we were able to just talk normally as we usually do. We ended up talking about how he feels, and it turns out that he didn't really confide in anyone, there just wasn't much to say (we did talk in a bit more depth though). Things ended up absolutely fine - I jsut have to learn how to word myself better I guess.

    magle, that could be a good idea. I'll definitely at least be keeping a mental note of how he does, so that I can try to be there as best as I can

    Thank you everyone who replied, you were all awesome for helping someone else out like that <3 I really appreciate it, everyone. I know my problem seemed comparatively small, but it's so great that you all were still so supportive. I feel kind of silly getting so worked up actually, haha.

    Thanks again, I hope you all have a great day, month, year, lifetime, etc <3

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    That's great that you were able to talk
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    I'm really pleased that it's working out. Just keep talking.

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    So glad it's going well x
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