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Thread: GP says it's normal? *SU TRIGGERS*

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    GP says it's normal? *SU TRIGGERS*


    I've been suffering from depression for 10+ years with little change or help beyond pills (200mg of Sertraline daily) my old GP recently retired and I'm seeing a new one. I've only seen them twice, but both times I've been, they said that some of the things I have and my concerns about them are normal and that "everybody has those".

    The concerns I'm talking about are Suicidal thoughts (including planning as well as images and feelings), Hallucinations (People that aren't there, things crawling on the wall from the corner of my eye and hearing voices whisper to me but not remembering what they say), a feeling of being overwhelmed and that I'll snap and afraid of what I'll do if it happens, a sense that the world is unreal or disconnected from myself, that there are multiple versions of me arguing in my head each with differing personalities and opinions (some that I'm quite scared of) and that I've hidden behind a mask or smiling face so as not to worry my family and friend about how I feel (which has left me not knowing who I am anymore).

    After my GP told me that this is normal and that "everybody has those thoughts/feelings" every now and then, I accepted they were telling the truth and felt really weak or broken that I couldn't cope when everybody else does.

    I eventually mustered my limited courage and ask my family (I've only got one friend left and they live far away), they said that it was normal for them and were shocked that the GP thinks it's normal. I clarified that I didn't think the GP meant that they constantly have these issues but they still said they didn't have them.

    I'm not sure what to do. My GP seems nice and I believe (maybe hope is a better word) they want to help but this is worrying me. Am I just weak and not dealing well with something that everybody deals with daily? What should I do?


    P.S. I tried posting this before but it didn't show up, sorry if it's a double post, though different they essentially say the same thing.
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    Hi and welcome! I've added a trigger warning as you discuss suicide, it's nothing to worry about, it's just so they can choose to read or not if it will trigger them I've deleted your other post too.

    First things first, are you safe? Don't be afraid to reach out for help if you are at risk. The Samaritans are great or go to your local A&E.

    You are certainly not weak lovely, you're ill, and I'm absolutely appalled that your new gp has said your symptoms are normal! We obviously can't diagnose here but I do think it's important that you see another gp ASAP. Can you ring and ask if there's anyone with a mental health interest at your surgery? I have had severe depression with suicidal thoughts for more then 10 years now and have never had hallucinations. I think you are being let down quite badly!
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    First, typo in my original post "they said that it wasn't normal for them" I made my family sound a little crazy there.

    Secondly, Thanks for sorting out the posts for me.

    I'll ring and check if there's another GP, I was tempted to do it anyway as when I asked for a sick (fit) note they said no as they believed that the stress was a good "motivator" for me. I held it together at the surgery but when I got home that broke me a lot, not a good day, it still scares me thinking about it. I spoke to my counsellor and they sorted me out and spoke to the GP, but I've got to see them again in a little over a week and that appointment is going to be a combination of awkward, scary, tense and emotional.

    I just don't want to go back onto Locum doctors as they did very little and you can't build a rapport or trust because you never see the same one twice.

    It's both reassuring and concerning that these symptoms aren't normal, what a weird state of mind I'm in.

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    Hi and welcome to DWD I'm in complete agreement with Jaq. Can you call and ask if there is another long term GP who you could see? Maybe one who has an interest in mental health?

    Those kind of thoughts aren't "normal" and certainly not to planning stage etc... Your GP is wrong if they told you it was!
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    I would say to you that the thoughts you are having are symptoms of your condition. I recognise them from my own experience. It is easy for me to give advice but not always easy for me to follow it myself as I know how distressing these symptoms are. What I am trying to say is that others experience them so you are not losing your mind but they are not thoughts that everyone has on a regular or prolonged period. I am currently having these thoughts and they're horrible even if I can remind myself that I know why they happen.

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    If you can't trust your GP anymore maybe it's time to see a psychologist, their job is to help in that kind of situation, when you feel down, you want to suicide and so on. I'm here because my bf also had suicidal thoughts and it really hurt me to see him like that, depressed and things.
    I have recommended him a psychologist, **Admin link removal** he is followed by her. I don't know what will be the outcome of it yet, but I think its definitely better than a GP

    Hi, thanks for your post, but please don't suggest practitioners by name. It's also really important to note that your GP should always be your first port of call for NHS help. Please don't suggest otherwise.
    Thank you
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    Hi just wondered if your local NHS TRUST has a mental crisis team. I think most do but I'm not 100% sure. If you search you local trust online you may be able to get help more quickly.

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    Sorry I should of said MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS TEAM.

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    I know the ones near me need GP referral....
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