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Thread: help and advice please

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    Hi Adam, it's good to meet you. You've had some brilliant advice from the others. All I wanted to add is that depression is a chronic illness and, as such, there's never an overnight cure. So it's likely to take time to get the support that's right for you and it's going to take a bit of time to feel better. But it does happen, just keep on pushing for the right support
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    It doesn't feel like it when you'e feeling so low, but Paula's right. With the right support and the right meds. things will slot into place and you'll start to feel better with a new outlook on life.

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    hi all well still not good been out today felt very anxious and really paranoid so had to come home

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    Well done for having the courage to go out at all. It's normally the hardest step to take, the one that takes you out the door. Well done again. Can you describe how you are feeling? Anxious, nervous, scared. Once you can describe what you feel, it gets somewhat easier to deal with them.

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    You've done brilliantly by getting out. Don't beat yourself up... You went out, you came home. Next time it won't be quite so hard...
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  6. #26 ventured out, well done. As Suzi says, next time it won't be so hard!....little steps at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradfordborn36 View Post
    morning all im adam and new to the forum iv had depression on and off for 5 years now due to a family death and a bad relationship and the passed 3 months things have really got on top of me im a type 2 diabetic and have painfull hands and feet and i do not sleep much the doctor signed me off on the sick as i do not feel up to work but the main problem is my mood it is getting worse im going from been very happy to really sad and in some cases really angry for no reason this is really getting to me now as it seems to be out of control and i do not know what to do as my doctor just changes my meds and not really solving my problems is there any advice please many thanks
    Hi Adam, almost everything you wrote on your first post could have been written by me. Here in Scotland where I live, it is a 42wk wait for a psychiatric appointment, the government target is 6 wks, I am currently awaiting one of those appointments. I feel like I know you, even though in reality I don't, it's just that so much of your writing resonates with me. I have lived with depression for 11 years, it was kicked off by my wee sister suddenly taking ill and passing away at 34yrs old, then my Dad died after being ill for 6 months, I lost my business and my marriage broke up and then my mum died. I am no longer ashamed to admit my mental health problems, I have earned the right to be able to say I am not coping and so has every single one of us who posts on here, we have all had experiences which has caused a part of us to be broken and we are now all looking for ways to mend ourselves.

    Well done for getting out the house, keep doing that because that little bit of exercise you get by going for a walk even if it is only a few hundred yards can make a huge difference to your long term mental health for the better.

    Now, I don't know what sort of home life you have and if you have anyone living with you but if you live alone, my simple advise is this for sleep, try some meditation, like anything it does get easier with practice there are some very good meditation videos on you tube.

    How frequently are the doctors changing your medication? I am wondering that because most ant-depressant meds take some time to work. I am currently on Fluoxetine and Propanolol as not only am I depressed, I have anxiety and take panic attacks. I am a shadow of the man I once was but I am hanging on to the fact that I have been happy before and climbed my way out of depression before so I will be happy again. You will too!

    Peace, Calm, Serenity and Tranquility!

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    afternon all how are we all well iv had a rubbish week last week went to my appointment with open mind and tbh not what i was expecting the woman did not want to let me get my point across and open up she just kept going on and on with out letting me speak so iv got to wait for my own gp to come off holiday to speak to her i just do not no what to do for the best my head is a mess .....

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    You can always speak to the Samaritans if you need some extra support
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    hi iv tryed that also last time i spoke to my gp she said if these meds dont work she will have to refer me to the mental health team

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