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    New member Jule

    Hi ..... I am new to this site so not sure how it all works. I've suffered with depression now for what seems like forever, I had 3 serious breakdowns in the past year. Stress causes a lot and I cannot turn off negative thoughts in my head, before I know it I'm a quivering reck. I'm on Mirtazipan which I take at night, they help me sleep that's for sure, and I've been prescribed pro-propanol 40mg I am also menopausal which is horrendous, hot sweats, mood swings etc. I always seem to be miserable and feel like I have a permanent miserable face. I just want to feel normal and laugh. When I go to the doctors I just feel like another statistic. I just want someone who feels like I do to talk to.....

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    Jule, would you like to start up your own thread and that way you won't get lost in another one. Welcome to DWD and have a look around.

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    Hi Jule. I can't really empathise with menopause, but I definitely understand negative thoughts, anxiety and feeling generally miserable.
    Do you know, has there been a specific event or trigger to make you feel this way?
    Welcome to DWD

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    Sorry Jule, sorry I thought I'd replied to this saying that I've split your comments to make your own thread so you don't get missed on the end of the other one.
    Welcome to DWD. I look forward to getting to know you better.
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    Hi and welcome! I find propanolol really helps with my anxiety. Can you speak to your doctor about how you're still feeling? Have you ever considered any talking therapies? They can be really useful.

    Feel free to jump in wherever you want
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    Hi Jule, and welcome to DWD I can't say any more than what has been suggested, only that menopause symptoms are bad enough, but jumbled up with depression it makes life extra hard. I was prescribed HRT when my menopause started (I'm 64 now so that was some years ago). I don't know what the medical climate is like now regarding HRT, but it helped me a lot. But you have depression thrown into the mix. I think a good talk to the doctor - a female one might be a better bet - and taking a copy of your post here might help. This is your life and health, so it's important I think to push it as hard as possible to get the help that you need. You matter, so give it a go. Keep posting as you'll get support, and chatting and identifying with us is certainly a help. I had lots of support last year when I was at the bottom of the pit! So don't go away.

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