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Thread: Depression levels

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    Depression levels

    Hi everyone. I have depression that I believe in anxiety driven. I start with Panic attacks and anxiety and then it turns into depression from the constant frazzle feeling and inability to cope with normal issues. Recently, 3 to 4 weeks ago I started feeling low, but I have reached a really low point over the last few days and to be honest I cant imagine being any lower. I am continuing to work as I dont want to add fear of losing my job to my anxiety issues.
    If we have really dark spells and we have mediction and support do they tend to last long? I really cant handle the thought of much more of this as it is a living hell. If it were not for my two gorgeous labs I would have no company during the days I work from home. Sounds silly but a cuddle with them really helps.

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    This is a difficult question to answer as we are all different. I believe that we can begin to feel better with the right treatment whether it is drugs and other support such as talking therapies. There are other ways that you can begin to feel better but you will find those out for yourself. There will be days however when you will not feel like crawling out from under the duvet. I've read your other thread and you sound pretty desperate. I think that you should see your GP or another doctor in the practice. They might refer you to the crisis team.

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    Doesn't sound silly at all!
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