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Thread: Grotty - a snotty diary by Suzi aged "almost old"

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    How are you today Suzi? Hope your wrist is getting better.

    You must be so proud of your girls.
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    Hi there, how are things going today?

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    Thank you for your kind words Purple, I do try, but I couldn't do it alone. The team are amazing.

    Pain clinic was really good actually. I was really nervous and apprehensive, but the group seem really nice and there is a good plan. I'm shattered so am in my pjs and not planning on being up late!
    Today we discussed what pain is, the mechanics behind it, got to know each other a bit - Hi my name's Suzi and I have bits that hurt....
    It was really positive. A bit overwhelming, but we ended with a meditation -which is how we end every session which I really enjoyed.

    We have a booklet and we have homework - meditating every day and looking at how we can help ourselves - pacing etc

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    Sounds like it went well today

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    That's so good to hear
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    I am so proud that you have taken the positives of the session and are ready to take this on and move forward which despite your doubts and you know what I mean, I am so freakin' happy. I really want this is work out for you buddy and I know you will take the positives and run with them. Inspirational as always.
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