Remember that we're all wiser in hindsight!....'I should've said this'...'should've said that'....'wish I hadn't said this', that etc, etc...the list is endless! He knows you love him and will support him through all of this. I'm sure you've told him, time and time again. His head is muddled and confused I expect. I know that when I'm in the midst of depression, I can hardly string two sentences together...can't concentrate or remember. It's the nature of the beast. I'm 64 and a gran. I don't belong to Facebook, twitter, or any other social network, purely out of choice. I'm sure they're fine when everyone is jolly, exchanging the good times and laughs. But, your boyfriend you say has complained on Twitter about how he was feeling. Now YOU have read it and are worrying again!... I hope you aren't blaming yourself for his complaint!!....I expect it'll be difficult but try and refrain a little bit from going on them where he is concerned. ...sometimes it's not a case of doing the RIGHT thing, but doing the BEST thing, especially for you. Maybe it won't harm to step back for a bit and let go. For your own well being. I doubt very much that he's going anywhere in a hurry!....if he needs you, he knows where to find you. Look after you for a bit.