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Thread: Friday fab 5's: 14th October 2016

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    Friday fab 5's: 14th October 2016

    It's Friday, so it's time for that all important question:

    What 5 (or more or less) things have been positive for you or made you smile this week?

    Remember - no negativity please, try to get at least 1 thing, but aim for 5!

    Mine to get you started:

    ~ Spending time with my amazing children. They all have a fantastic sense of humour and have me fit for nothings.
    ~ My new phone case. Silly, but big daisies make me smile.
    ~ Friends here who have had some amazing triumphs this week which have made me so proud.
    ~ The best poem/letter from F. She is amazing.
    ~ H's glee when I bought her the edible glitter she wanted but had resigned at not getting for her food tech.

    Your turn!
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    Hiding under the Duvet
    Having a relatively good day Wednesday. First in a long time.
    A gentle counselling session
    Surviving 24 hrs with human company.
    Rhubarb Crumble, yummy.
    Going to the cinema to see Magnificent 7
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    - FILs surgery went well
    - getting my new car, and loving her
    - making plans on redecorating our bedroom
    - blubbing to a lovely film
    - Si agreeing to something we've been talking about for too long
    - reading Room
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    • Finished renovating another section of my path.
    • A great lunch and good natter with my sister at her place on Tuesday.
    • Wednesday luncheon club and a fun game of dominoes.
    • Bridge on Thursday, boy is that game complicated.
    • Listening to country music especially 'The Judds' on CD.
    70 and counting, less of the "Old" call me "Mike"

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    1. Having the courage to say what I felt in group on Monday.
    2. Feeling so much better than I did last week thanks to everyone here.
    3. Getting my police clearance so that I can go in and teach crafts in Aisling's school.
    4. Having hubby off all week to do the little things around the place.
    5. Getting tickets booked for next weeks knitting and stitchery show in Dublin.
    6. All my friends here that I couldn't cope without.

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    Sorry!..I'm late again!
    1. Seeing my son again and having a laugh. Twice in 3 weeks (not laugh, seeing him)
    2. Talking to my lovely cuz, and being able to solve a problem.
    3. Hubby hoovering and tidying his playroom...almost unheard of!
    4. Having a nice dinner with the family last night.
    5. This sounds cheesy but it's true.........nice to check in to DWD every day and seeing everyone trying hard and getting on with it in spite of hardships. It's a great motivation for me. Thanks.

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