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Thread: Friday Fab 5's: 23rd September 2016

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    Red face Friday Fab 5's: 23rd September 2016

    Morning chaps and chapesses

    It's Friday! The sun in shining and the weekend and lay in's are in sight... So.....

    What 5 (or more or less) things have been positive for you or made you smile this week?

    Remember, no negativity, and reading and smiling this thread counts too....

    Mine to get you started:

    ~ My friends and support here. Thank you all.
    ~ Spending time with Marc
    ~ My little people, no matter how hard things are for them they always surpass my expectations.
    ~ Walking the dogs yesterday having a proper walk!
    ~ Argos were nice and easy to deal with!

    Your turn
    “You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
    - Jon Kabat-Zinn

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    1. I'm going to be going into the school and showing the kids how to do crafts. I'm so happy..
    2. Down another pound at weigh watchers yesterday.
    3. Spent a great week getting crafts together, printing them out and physically making them all to be ready for my meeting with the principal.
    4. Got out for a walk most days this week. It's only to the end of the road, but it's a start.
    5. I've had a very busy week, making things, doing things, and I've had the best week health wise, than I've had in a long time.
    6. All the support and help that I get from everyone here. Thanks everyone!

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    Hiding under the Duvet
    No tummy troubles this week despite loads of stress
    Survived a really troublesome evening Tuesday
    Recieved my radar key so no more getting caught short when my IBS kicks in (at least that's the idea)
    My jigsaw piece side table is finished.
    Finally defrosted my freezer
    ‘The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.'
    J. M. Barrie

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    - led Housegroup meeting despite not having any warning I'd have to
    - booking appt to sort out my new car
    - joy and relief at how focussed Jess is on year 11
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    Ah found this thread at last.
    • Finished jet washing my paths
    • Tidied a couple of flowerbeds and reseeded a couple of spots on my back lawn.
    • Nice lunch at the Boundary Stone on Tuesday
    • Meat and potato pie at the Wednesday luncheon club
    • Long and very enjoyable walk today (Friday)
    • Listening to country CD's
    70 and counting, less of the "Old" call me "Mike"

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    Et je m'envole, vole, vole, vole, vole, vole. Que d'espérance.
    Here are mine:

    1. Doc said I shouldn't worry about my lumps
    2. Getting rid of some negative people
    3. Developping strong will in front of challenges
    4. Enjoying translation process and new interesting process
    5. Our psychologist seems to make the company atmosphere milder.

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