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    mistletoe over manhhattan:

    santa clause is depressed, and decides that people have lost the spirit of christmas.

    the day he decides to quit his job, his wife rebecca, visits manhattan to find " some christmas spirit"

    while she is their, she is asked to be a babysiter at a house while the couple is out.

    she later finds out that they are thinking about breaking up.

    if she can save them from splitting up, she can save christmas and bring back christmas cheer.

    I give the movie a 6/ 10

    a little slow to get started, and some of the sceens arn't really in place

    but it has a very good ending, and a good story

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    emma thompson stars as vivian, who both studdied and taught at the same university

    she loves english and words, especially the works of john don

    1 day she is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is sent to the hospital.
    while she is their, she realises that one of the doctors also shares an interest in her work, so they talk about it a lot.
    1 night, vivian calls the button because she is afraid of dying

    the nurse comes in, talks to her, and gives her an icecream to help comfort her. they also talk about what to do if vivian's heart stops, and vivian decides to just " let it stop"

    as the movie progresses, vivian becomes weaker and weaker

    1 afternoon, she gets a visitor. the visitor at first finds it hard that vivian is feeling so bad and so distant, but she eventually gets a book (the runaway bunny), and reads it to vivian, while vivian is struggling to breav

    at the end of the book, the visitor tells vivian it is time to go, and leaves the room quietly.

    I give the movie an 8

    it was the first movie that got me in to classical music (I love the music used), and it's also told through the eyes of vivian and how she feels (making it seem a lot more real)

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