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Thread: Important: 1:1 support reminder

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    I'm sure you'll all agree that the mods here do an amazing job. You may (or may not) know that they do it purely voluntarily. You'll also know that they are all dealing with their own depression/mental health/physical health issues.

    It's come to my attention that again we've had members trying to use the mod team (and myself) as 1:1 support. This is NOT what DWD is all about. We cannot provide 1:1 support for lots of reasons. We are not qualified, we do not have the same support in place as a professional therapist. We don't have the answers to everything and we don't know all the contradictions with medications/therapies and we have never pretended to.

    Whilst I can only control what is going on on this site, the same thing applies on Facebook or other messaging services too.

    It is such a huge issue for us, but I am sure that you all understand that this rule is in place for your protection, but just as importantly for the mods too. It's really exhausting and emotional being a 1:1 support and it's just not something that I can support every mod in doing so.

    As I'm sure you understand it puts the mods in a really difficult position to say "no" to anyone as they are all such wonderful and generous people. So, please just don't ask them. I have told them that they are to tell anyone who asks that Suzi says no!

    Please understand and just don't ask!
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