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    Phone Apps

    Anybody use phone apps to help with Depression/Anxiety? I use a few so thought I'd share them with you....

    Rxmind Me - this is a fab little app which reminds you when it's time to take your meds. It takes a bit of time to input the medication, doses, and times but once done it not only reminds when to take the meds but it will even tell you when to reorder your prescription. This app is free and not available for Windows phone.

    Well Mind - This app brought to you by NHS Walsall and Dudley Mental Health Partnership gives advice on dealing with stress, anxiety and depression, gives helpline numbers in times of crisis, a mood diary, a game to play, and audio recordings to aid relaxation. A simple little app Which is probably teaching granny to suck eggs but it's free.

    Worry Time - simple idea for anxiety sufferers. Instead of letting those little thoughts that go through your mind spiral out of control this app allows you to log the worry and schedule a time where you can work through your concerns. So firstly ask yourself if you can do anything to solve the problem then and there. If not instead of worrying about it all day long log it in the app and at the allotted time you can work through it. Not sure I really buy into the CBT based theory of this app but sure it could be a benefit to others. Again it's a free app so costs nothing to give it a try.

    Headspace - This is a popular Mindfulness app. You do need to subscribe to get the full benefits but you do get a free 10 day starter course which is pretty good and gives you a chance to try before you buy. Subscriptions can be for as short as a month for £7.99 or forever if you have £249 to spare. It's definitely worth downloading and trying the free content.

    If you use any others please feel free to add the details here. If it helps you it could well help other members too
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