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Thread: my bit of sanity

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    Trying hard

    my bit of sanity

    I card make and scrapbook to pass time and to get my mind in focus, I do more cardmaking than scrapbooking, I find it quite relaxing,

    Few of what ive made

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    Wow, those are brilliant!

    I've recently taken an interest in this kind of thing, and have just bought Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics by Duncan Birmingham. It looks like a good book for me to start with.

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    Trying hard
    Thank you
    Thats a really good book, I tend not to use books though I find I get frustrated if I cant get my head round an instruction.
    I use you tube a lot for demonstrations and also there's a few good sites for pop up things

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    Those are awesome!

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    They are really nice. You have a talent for doing that.

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    Totally brilliant.
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    Wow I like those a lot. They all look amazing. I am the exception to the rule when they say people with mental health issues are creative.

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    Trying hard
    Thank you all.

    It is really strange I can do these sort of things at home but because I find it hard to talk to people face to face I was sent for Art therapy isn't of the normal counselling and i couldn't even put pencil to paper there.

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    Wow! They're amazing!

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