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Thread: Seroxat

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    Hi Paula,

    I didn't know you could be referred to a psychiatrist for social anxiety and depression on the NHS, so thanks for that info. I went for an appointment just a couple of days ago and spoke with my GP about the options then. She's only ever suggested CBT as a non-pharmaceutical option and only for a limited number of sessions each time. Getting to a hospital or anything like that other than the surgery isn't easy for me, particularly now, so maybe this is why she hasn't suggested a psychiatrist or psychologist. The social anxiety is the main issue for me as that's usually why I'm depressed. I realise I may be sounding stupid/naive, but I've been like this for a long time and really have tried most things that seem to be available.

    I'm going to see the GP again in a month to discuss whether or not I want to try the Seroxat, so I'll ask again if there's any other options available, but I can't say I'm overly hopeful. I hope I don't sound rude or dismissive, I'm not meaning to and appreciate you taking the time to reply. It's just a frustrating situation for me.

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    The other name for it is Paroxetine, if that helps anyone.

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    My husband has been changed from a SSRI to an SNRI (Venlafexine) as he'd been on the SSRI (Fluoxetine) at a really high dose for a long time.. His Dr said that as he'd been on that for ages and tried lots of them that it was unlikely that another SSRI would help him..
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    Hi Anna

    I haven't tried Paroxetine but I have tried Citralopram, Sertraline and Fluoxetine which are all SSRIs, and Venlafaxine and Duloxetine which are SNRIs.
    My personal opinion is that if you've tried several with limited success then it's definitely worth asking for a referral to a psychiatrist, they can prescribe higher doses and creative combinations. For example I currently take Fluoxetine in combination with two other medicines.
    I too didn't know this was an option until the GP ran out of options and mentioned it in passing that I could try seeing a psychiatrist.
    I see a private psychiatrist now as the NHS waiting times were really long, but it's definitely worth asking if a referral would be appropriate.

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    I have a combination of lithium, Amitryptaline, venlafaxine, Buspirone and diazepam (mainly for pain but also for anxiety). I also take pregabalin for pain but it also helps with anxiety. My point is that there are options, though you would need to see a psychiatrist as a GP is unlikely to combine psych meds without psychiatric advice
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    OK thanks everyone for the info and thanks Rose for the welcome too

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