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Thread: Help with benefits.

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    PiP has a timeframe - you had to have been needing help for three months prior to the claim, and considered you would need it for at least 9 months after.

    Rose, the amount you spend on OCD could be covered by PiP. It wouldn't hurt to ask - it's not about whether you're working or not.

    Stella, love, you've been extremely ill, with little income into your home. These benefits are put in place precisely to help people in your situation. You are not someone who works the system
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    Here, you send in a cert. that is filled in by your doctor, each week. You do that for about a year - year and a half. Then you go on to disability allowance which you must collect a cert from your doctor once a month. You are allowed to claim that for 2 years, and if you still can't work, you go onto invalidity pension, where you don't need to send in any certs at all. It's really long term. I'm not sure if there is a cut off point for it but I'm sure the government will let me know. I've been into the income tax office, to check if my tax credits are still being used by hubby.

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    None of you are benefits scrounger, neither are we. I hate it though and would far rather we were both working...
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