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Thread: Friday Fab 5's: Friday 16th October 2015

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    Cool Friday Fab 5's: Friday 16th October 2015

    Morning all! It's Friday! We've made it through another week!

    So... What 5 (or more or less) things have been positive for you for this week? No negativity allowed!
    If you've never tried it then please do jump on in and have a go!

    Mine to get you started:

    ~ The team here
    ~ Walking with Casey
    ~ My amazing children - lovely parent/teacher meetings, spending time talking to them all
    ~ Pasta bake
    ~ Getting some "stuff" sorted

    Your turn!
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    Hmmmm, ok here goes

    Got an over due hair cut
    Cleared the landing
    Tons of cuddles and kissed from Max
    having a a laugh with you guys on the forum
    Hugo is back lol
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    Yay! Friday!

    - new kitchen, appliances and tiles have been delivered
    - kitchen fitters start Monday
    - ordered new table and chairs
    - boring everybody talking about my new kitchen and not caring one bit
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    Having a pretty stable week
    Spending some time with my mum
    The doctor warming up the stethoscope before she listened to my chest!

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    Mine are,

    1. Sorted out A when she came home crying. Had a chat and sorted it out!
    2. Cleaned the downstairs of my house, including washing the floors.
    3. Took delivery of Aisling's new bed and new desk.
    4. Went to visit my niece and finished sewing the curtains for her.
    5. Managed to get up on time for school every day.

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    Mine are:

    1. A really nice phone call from the legal helpline at Mind about my job worries.
    2. Our godson and his brother are coming around tomorrow.
    3. Reconnecting with an old valued friend on facebook.
    4. Things generally feeling like they are coming together. So I guess the meds and stuff are working for me.

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    Day off work Monday spent at the snowdome trying out some new snowboards.

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    Survived a very high anxety week.
    Weekend is here

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    Good conversation today with my HR manager highlighting my concerns about some changes at work
    Friday afternoon to myself
    Lovely meal with a friend last night and a good catch up
    Survived another week at work during uncertain times
    Lovely day out with the family saying goodbye to the owls and a birthday party with an alice in wonderland cake (delicious too)
    Double cake on one day

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