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Thread: A Past Forgot

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    A Past Forgot

    Along the winding path I walk
    It narrows like my train of thought
    I muster up a tired step
    A song without its string quartet
    As daylight waves, it fades to black
    The path below me starts to crack
    Engulfed in earth I fail to gasp
    The ledges of the path I grasp
    With all my might I drag my soul
    Just clinging on to one last goal
    I breath the air, so fresh and clean
    The grass above that little more green
    The winding path behind me screams
    And with its voice I shake these dreams
    I scatter darkness into light
    A Past Forgot, so impolite.

    - C.W.M

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    Absolutely brilliant so evocative, respect dude, I just love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldMike View Post
    Absolutely brilliant so evocative, respect dude, I just love it
    A good poem OldMike very expressive of what it's like on a day suffering from downward spirits. A road I have walked many times.

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