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02-03-14, 04:22 PM
I've linked to these leaflets many times but thought it was about time I put them somewhere easier to find.

The first really helped me to plan the discussion with my boss when I returned to work after four weeks sickleave with Depression.
It helped me decide how much I wanted/needed work to know about my illness and what I could reasonably expect from my employer. -


The second is really helpful in maintaining good mental heath in the work place

They are produced by 'Mindful Employer'

02-03-14, 06:04 PM
Thanks Am. This is one of the very first things you posted to me this time last year and really really useful. Definitely recommend. Am going to go over them again to keep myself ok now I'm back at work after taking 8 or so months off....

02-03-14, 06:15 PM
How's it going Nita? xx

02-03-14, 06:19 PM
Not too bad Am.... Just woke up on sofa after the dreaded unexpected nap..... Had interview this week so waiting to see what's going on with that and think I'm in the routine of work again. Taken a while to get there but thinking looking over these thoughts is a good idea. How's things with you?

02-03-14, 06:39 PM
Fingers crossed for for you hunni - keep us posted won't you (nod) - Ah the unexpected nap, I know it well, usually strikes at the most inconvenient moments - like half an hour before the end of a good movie ^)
I'm pretty good at the moment. Just had a week off - back tomorrow.

02-03-14, 06:47 PM
Excellent thread Am! :)

02-03-14, 06:48 PM
Great idea Am :)

02-03-14, 06:49 PM
Here are a few more useful resources...

MIND - keeping well at work.......... http://www.mind.org.uk/for-business/mental-health-at-work/

And for a look at things from the other side of the desk ;)

And this useful NHS site..
http://www.nhsemployers.org/HealthyWorkplaces/Action-on-absence/ManagersGuideMH/Pages/SupportingStaffWhoAreExperiencingMentalHealthProbl ems.aspx


02-03-14, 07:08 PM
Your rights in the workplace


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Good topic :D