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21-01-20, 04:04 PM
Pop through the 80's and 90's


1. No use of online search engines (Google etc).
2. No use of online encyclopedias (Wikipedia etc).
3. If you don't know an answer make something up (you may get lucky ;) )
4. Most importantly have fun (party)

PM (private message) your entries to me (OldMike)

Closing date TBA (to be arranged).

1. Who went straight to No. 1 in 1981 with "Stand and Deliver"?
2. What colour door gave Shakin' Stevens an 80's hit?
3. Which ex-Beatle had hit with Stevie Wonder in 1982?
4. Who's album "Thriller" provided several singles??
5. Who was KC's backing band?
6. Which Scot had chart success after Esther Rantzen's "The Big Time"?
7. Which BBC radio station banned "Relax"?
8. Ravel's Bolero charted because of which skaters' Olympic success? (one point each)*
9. Which actor Robert was named in a Bananarama song title?
10. Which superstar rat sang "Love me Tender"?
11. Which Alison's nickname was Alf
12. Which Elaine and Barbara topped the charts in 1985? (two singers singing a duet one point for each singer)*
13. Which Mrs Andrew Lloyd Webber had a hit with "Pie Jesu"?
14. David Bowie and Mick Jagger had a hit after which co9ncert?
15. Elton John charted with "Nikita" at the same time as Sting had which coincidental hit?
16. Who had a hit with Nillson's "Without You" (1994)?
17. Who backked Katrina in her 1997 Eurovision winner?
18. Which Damon fronted Blur?
19. Who starred in and sang on the soundtrack of "The Bodyguard" (1992)?
20. In September 1998 Celine Dion released an album in which language?
21. Which toy provided Aqua with a No. 1?
22. Which country singer died flying his plane in 1997?
23. Who had a daughter Lourdes Maria in 1996?
24. Which band's name is a US emergency number?
25. Dana International won Eurovision '98 for which country?
26. Oasis formed in which UK city?
27. Who had hit with "Drop Dead Gorgeous"?
28. Which Darren appeared in the 90's version of "Summer Holiday"?
29. In which county were Blur formed?
30. "My Heart Will Go On" came from which smash hit movie in 1997?


* I've clarified questions 8 and 12 they require two names so each question is worth 2 points (only one point if one name and if no names null points if you question the Quiz Masters ruling on this it is a yellow card and -1 point (giggle) )

21-01-20, 04:48 PM
OMG This looks AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!!!!

21-01-20, 04:58 PM
I know that we can not use google etc. Can I ask my brother if he knows any of them?

21-01-20, 05:03 PM
You can do it with your whole family and friends love, just no google or anything like that! :)

21-01-20, 06:44 PM
Yup you can ask friends and family no problem Mira.

21-01-20, 07:26 PM
Wow! I am sooooo beyond excited!

21-01-20, 07:46 PM
Woohoo. This ones in the bag!!! Don't even bother the rest of you(rofl)

21-01-20, 07:57 PM
Woohoo. This ones in the bag!!! Don't even bother the rest of you(rofl)

Hmmmm my nemesis :@;)

21-01-20, 08:38 PM
It has to be my time to shine!

22-01-20, 09:53 PM
I'm back, and I intend to win!!

23-01-20, 08:29 AM
Oh no! Not you too! However I'm still going to win this one!

31-01-20, 03:13 PM
First entry in :x

I've clarified two of the questions so please check the first post.

01-02-20, 08:37 AM
A pigeon flew in with an entry grasped tightly in her little claws so now we have 2 entries (party)

01-02-20, 10:22 AM
Don't panic everyone, Mike's got my winning entry in!

01-02-20, 01:58 PM
Another entry just in with a royal seal on it ;)

01-02-20, 03:41 PM
Pfft! Mine was the winning entry!

03-02-20, 02:58 PM
Hear ye, hear ye *clang, clang* <- that's a bell, the quiz will remain open another week to give you late comers more time, four entries so far so let's make it more, you know you want to, you know you need to so don't delay be on your way (to the quiz) :)

03-02-20, 03:29 PM
No!!! Close it now! I might even get a podium - erm, I mean I'm going to win!!!

03-02-20, 04:06 PM
Mike, I'll get onto it tomorrow. Just a little bit busy this evening.

03-02-20, 04:08 PM
Iím not fussed - I am completely confident no matter how many of you decide to come in first placed last!

03-02-20, 06:10 PM
I did it with my brother. I left the note at his place. I will give it before its closed.

03-02-20, 06:15 PM
Pfft Paula.....

Glad you're joining in Mira! Did you enjoy it?

03-02-20, 08:44 PM
I did. One thing that was fun was that my brother and myself do know our music. But it was hard and we did not know a bunch of them.....

03-02-20, 09:15 PM
Pfft, I don't know most of the answers to anything - I just make it up.... Unless you're Paula - in which case I know every answer and just get a few wrong to make her feel special......

03-02-20, 10:32 PM
No need, Iíve always known Iím special .....

04-02-20, 08:00 AM
Yeah love, special...... ;)

10-02-20, 03:07 PM
Anymore entries so far only three entries from "The Boss Lady", "The one and only Princess" and "The quiz genius SMum".

10-02-20, 04:11 PM
Shhhh, leave it at that! :) I know I've got this one! :)

10-02-20, 10:24 PM
Shhhh, leave it at that! :) I know I've got this one! :)

Guaranteed a podium anyway with only 3 entries(rofl)

11-02-20, 07:30 AM
My entry is in! I enjoyed this one as I got my parents and J involved

11-02-20, 08:23 AM
Guaranteed a podium anyway with only 3 entries(rofl)

Bugger! Jaq's entered too! Erm, I mean Woohoo! Another person for me to beat! Mwha ha ha ha

02-03-20, 07:07 PM
So.... when are you giving me my shiny winners trophy?

I mean... who won???

02-03-20, 07:48 PM
Pfft, the trophy is on it's way to me obviously...

02-03-20, 09:23 PM
Oh, ladies, you can dream ;)

03-03-20, 09:21 AM
I must mark the entries for some reason I've not got round to it yet, I'll blame the weather ;)

03-03-20, 12:12 PM
Looking forward to hearing my winning score! :)

03-03-20, 01:22 PM
(rofl) sheís funny

03-03-20, 02:22 PM
She'll (Suzi) hear her score later today but will it be a winning score :x I couldn't possibly say.

03-03-20, 03:09 PM
It's a secret! (But I'm sure I've won!)

03-03-20, 03:21 PM
The results are in and you guys certainly know your 80/90's pop.

In reverse order.

Joint 3rd Suzi and Paula even a photograph couldn't separate them.

Runner up and just one point behind the leader Strugglingmum with a fantastic score of 29 points out of 32


One the top spot with a magnificent score of 30 points out of 32 it was *drum roll* Jaq

A big thanks to all who took part you are all winners in my book (party)

03-03-20, 03:31 PM
The answer to question 15. Elton John charted with "Nikita" at the same time as Sting had which coincidental hit? was this *cue video*

Sting - Russians (Official Video)


I didn't know it myself and I see why now (thanks Google/YouTube) ^)

03-03-20, 04:12 PM
Thank you oh wise Quizmaster, but surely thereís been some sort of calculation error?

03-03-20, 04:19 PM
Yeah baby!!!!!(party)(party)(party)

I mean obviously it's the taking part that counts...

03-03-20, 08:00 PM
Paula? You and me 3rd? Pfft.... I think he's got the podium up the wrong way...

Congratulations Jaq...

03-03-20, 09:58 PM
congratulations Jaq. Big thank you to Mike as ever. Best quizmaster we got. x

09-03-20, 09:27 AM
You did exceptionally well SMum and was just pipped at the post.

Guys was wondering what type of quiz you would like next, general knowledge (harder or easier?) or some sort of themed quiz leave your thoughts here please :)

09-03-20, 04:36 PM
To be honest love, I love the quizzes - my family love the quizzes so we're just grateful for anything you put together as I know how much time and effort they take!

09-03-20, 05:17 PM

09-03-20, 08:23 PM
Something I know the most answers to!!!

I mean ^^^wss

09-03-20, 08:42 PM
(rofl) (rofl) (rofl) (rofl)

09-03-20, 09:11 PM
I love your quizzes Mike. I love springing bizarre questions on my family. Loved the pop quiz as it was definitely my era and because A and I have such varying music taste, between us we had a lot of the answers. Any topic is fab. X