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28-08-19, 05:04 PM
Hello DWD
Is it me but i find mental health awarness campaigns from celebrities or high profile people like prince harry patronsing and so out of touch with reality because they are not real issues that come with mental health illnss and the real stigma
1)Thing is people with mental health illness want help but help does not exist. On the NHS you have to wait months or even longer to be seen by a professional for therapy. It is even more harder to acess help on the nhs if you have complex mh issues like bipolar , pstd .People like Prince harry and other celebrities they can easily acess help which most of the gernal public can not. If famous people really cared about mental health they will pay thier fair share of taxes. A lot of wealthy people indugle in tax avoidance schemes. Tax avoidance causes the UK economey huge loss of money for public services.
2) i am so sick to death of hearing it is time to talk. Talking does more harm when it comes to ordinary people discussing mental health. When celebrities talk about thier mental health they benefit more not the genersl public. Celebritied who talk about thier mental health problems they get sympathy, more publicity which will they can use to futhur their careers .
Ordianry people who talk aboit mental health suffer more and can lose a lot
Job applications: having a mental problem can ban you from certain jobs. This include the army, being a pilot, working in intellegence services like GCHQ . I read a sad story of a young man who killed himself becsuse he feared gettinh help for his depression woulf bar him from the Raf which was his dream job. The raf has a ban on people joing if they suffered 2 or more depressive eposides. I read a story of young women in the uk who applied to work for emerits airline as an air hostess because she suffered depression. The airline hsd a policy requriing applicants to be physcually able and mentally to do thier jobs. Reading that story in sixth form was the reason why i was scared to go the doctors about depredsion
Driving: The DVLA must be told if you have a condition that may effect your drving . If you dont tell them you get fined 1,000 or prosecuted if you end up in an accident as reuslt. People have lost licenes because declarig thier mebtsl health or given restroctions on thier licences.
Insurance: Insurance compaines in the past have denied peple life insurance cover because they suffered an MH illness or when it comes to car insurance comapines charge higher premiums for people who suffer mh problmes as the risk event goes up.
How are ordinary people with mental illness supposed to be a part of society when more seems to be done to exclude people with mebtal illness from particiapting in society.
We need a revolution . Mental health needs are huge movement just like with climate change and anti trump movement.
Mental health campaigns are just pr no action.
I would love to see day in which large groups of ordianry people organisr a mass demonstrstion over waiting lists for mental health care.
I love to see more resersch go in to mental health illneess jusy like with cancer resreach.
Thsts my opinon
What is yours

28-08-19, 05:51 PM
To be honest I love how much more open society in General is to talk about mental health issues.
I don't believe that celebrities need to have suffered themselves with mental illness to be able to see its devastating effects and want to raise the profile of mental health. However I also am quick to remember that we have no idea what others have been through in their lives so cannot judge if they have any experiences of mental health issues and I have no right to judge whether they have a right to discuss such issues. I believe personally that everyone has a right to their opinion and I really appreciate celebrities who have taken time to talk to people about their experience and try to have some understanding.
I have found it a good conversation starter to be able to talk to others about my illness.
I don't feel patronized at all. I am grateful to see the issues being talked about and raised in newspapers/t.v. etc
I believe that it is only when we cross the barrier to be able to talk about our illness without shame that we can start to heal...... and I know that is not a straight line, its a completely curvy mess and i cross back and forward across it many times.
I love the new charities that are being created and backed by celebrities , both large and small, to try and reduce suicide and help people combat the the devastating effects of their illness. I have benefited from such charities and am eternally grateful. I know that the nhs is chronically underfunded for any illness and it is frustrating to wait for treatment but having talked to people from other countries on this forum who have even longer to wait, or a huge expense, I am also eternally grateful to the nhs who have mopped up the mess when I have attempted suicide and who are helping me learn to live with my illness and have hope of a good quality of life again. I totally realise that not everyone has the same experience but i have found an attitude of gratitude gets me a lot more peace of mind.
But these are just my thoughts.

28-08-19, 05:59 PM
I have to say I completely disagree with most of your points AAndrea...
I think talking and bringing mental health to the forefront is essential - it's only through things like that which causes education and more and more understanding and acceptance of mental health issues.
I also think that actually hearing about celebrities who struggle like Robin Williams, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell who all struggled so much that they ended their own lives. Hearing about celebs like Ruby Wax and Stephen Fry who talk openly about their mental health is so important. It helps people who are feeling trapped and actually it helps to know that depression and mental health don't discriminate.
Oh and if it wasn't essential to talk about mental health, then this site wouldn't have lasted almost 13 years, our facebook page wouldn't have nearly 80,000 followers, I wouldn't be as busy as I am and I wouldn't be about to start training for a new volunteer helpline!

28-08-19, 07:03 PM
Interesting points. Should charites really dealing with mental health. I believe talking is not enough and the system is the problem. What is point the government making us pay all tax when our money does not even go the public services we use.
When i was diagnosed i was just left on my own and trying to understand this new illness while struggling with my degree course . I have to keep my diagnois illness hidden from family.
When i self harmed at 16 my mum reacted very negstivelty. My mum covered up the whole affair and refused me to have any help. I was called selfish and accused of attentiion seeking
Coming from a ethnic background . Mental health issues are not recognised in families. My family believe people with mental healh isssuss are caused by lack of prayer and people who commit sucide go to hell. Imagine being told you are the lucky one after all you have opportunites your parebtd never had while living in a thrid world country. That what it
The day i was dignoaed i had to act like everthing was normal and carry on.
I never fully grieved for my diagnois .
When i see mental health campaigns i feel lonely because they are not people of my background giving there stories.
Being a black women with depression we have to deal with race disctlrmination, sex discrimination and now diasblity discrimination.
I feel resentment.

28-08-19, 07:32 PM
I'm sorry that you have had issues with your family and their reaction - I also don't think this is a whole issue with all black women/men - the same as I think that the stigma crosses all walks of life - race, sexuality, gender, religion etc etc....
There have been loads of examples of black celebrities - look at Michelle Williams, Alicia Keys, Brandon Marshall, Wayne Brady, Metta World Peace, Lisa Nicole Carson, DMX, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lewis, Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Taraji P. Henson, Audra McDonald, Keke Palmer - and that's just a really quick google search...
I know you're struggling and I know you are resentful, but I do think this is more about you personally....

28-08-19, 08:15 PM
Suzi everyone is entilted to their view and respect peoples opinions. It is good to hear an intersting range of views on this topic .I have black friends who have family members that have MH issues and their familles also face the same issues i am facing . I read stories online of young black people and tbe issues they face with MH in thier families. I see similarieties in thier experience with mine. This is not my expereince alone.
Poltically i am radical not a moderate. I believe radical reform of systems / instituions in society which cause inequality or unfairness in genral. I am marxist/socialist and i dont support a poltical party. I foreget to mention i am very in to politics.
I want radical change of our mental health system in the UK. Forgive me talking campaigns dont go far enough for me.
I dream of a world in which mental health can be taken seriously like physical health. I dream of a world in which nobody suffers unfairness in the workplace because of thier mental condition.
I dream also of a classless society as well.
Thanks for commenting.

28-08-19, 08:33 PM
I didn't say it was your experience alone - that isn't fair to what I said. I actually said that people across creed, colour, sexuality, religions all had similar stories to tell and that's why talking IS ESSENTIAL. To break down barriers and stigma and to educate.