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19-10-18, 11:47 AM
Woohoo! 'Tis Friday!
So, in the age old DWD fashion, I ask you the most important question you will be asked today.... *pauses for drum roll and dramatic effect*......

What 5 (or more or fewer) things have been positive for you or made you smile this week?

Remember, they don't have to be "climbed mount Kilimanjaro on my hands and a unicycle" but they can be, "sat in the sun drinking a cup of tea" or "got up every day this week" etc

Also remember - NO NEGATIVITY or it will be removed.

Mine to get you started:

~ The awesome mod team
~ My lovely husband has rebuilt the pond and no leaks for almost a week
~ Half term!
~ TV box sets and resting
~ New meds seem to be helping
~ Quiz, banter and daily vids!

Your turn!

19-10-18, 11:49 AM
It's Friday and we all know what happens on Friday don't we, yep it's Fab 5 time.

Just post 5 more or less things that have been positive this week for you it doesn't have to be climbed the Eiger before lunch just eating regular meals of going for a coffee counts too or maybe *cough* doing a quiz (giggle) *cough* well here's mine.

Lunch out with my sister on Tuesday.
Lunch Club and the 3rd Wedesday Club with a talk about Edith Cavell.
Bridge on Thursday and a nice walk home in the sun.
You guys here :)
Playing The Secret of Mana on PS Vita.
The Quiz and the playful banter ;)

I was 2 minutes later with my Fab 5 thread so in the interest of economy I've merged the two threads ;)

19-10-18, 12:00 PM
Thanks Mike!

Yours are great!

19-10-18, 12:06 PM
I forgot it was friday....

- Tom is cancer free!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!
- actually giving myself time to rest during a flare up rather then pushing through it.
- making time to watch some TV
- time with J
- love and support from here as always

19-10-18, 12:40 PM
I can't believe it's Friday already!
- Lots of lovely walks with Mia
- CBT going really well
- Another spontaneous day out with my friend on Saurday, this time with the kids
- Got a (I tried to write s w a n k y here and it blocked it!) new phone (not top of the range or anything but better than what I had)
- Got down below 10st even after stuffing my face with KFC and cookie dough last weekend!

19-10-18, 04:41 PM
My turn!

- getting a new dress and Si noticing ;)
- going to the cinema tonight with my family
- friends. Where would we be without them?
- my gorgeous doggies. They’re ancient, poorly and smelly, and we have no idea how much longer we’ll have them with us - but they give so much love
- my friend’s sister is doing so well with her cancer treatment that she’s been let Home for a week! (party)

19-10-18, 04:46 PM
>Five more weeks then a new front tooth!
>Fun and laughs with my next door neighbour
>Had a week with very few anxiety incidents
>Nice time out with hubby yesterday.
>Loving my chickens antics.
>Everyone here just being here!

20-10-18, 11:51 AM
Love and support here after loosing my cousin especially suzi who even though she was struggling hereself made sure I was ok
Support from work colleauges
Although its not a Friday thing, this evening heading to M's and will take the dogs out for a walk and have some company.