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15-10-18, 09:58 PM
Hi everyone. Just found this forum whilst browsing the Web.. I've just recently stopped taking antidepressants but seem to be finding it not as easy as I thought it would be.. Feeling anxious and uneasy around people again at times... Fingers crossed it settles down with time.. Any advice appreciated. (y)

15-10-18, 10:15 PM
Hi and welcome (hi). This really is a lovely, welcoming place to be and you’ll get lots of support :)

Can I ask, did you talk to your GP about how best to come off the ADs? Did you do it gradually?

15-10-18, 10:23 PM
Hi and welcome

15-10-18, 11:42 PM
Hi welcome to DWD (hi)

16-10-18, 10:27 AM
Hi and welcome! I echo Paula's questions!

16-10-18, 05:21 PM
Hi all. Came of gradually... I have my doctors review this weekend... Wow what a day... Woke up feeling flat as flat, then picked up a little, just got in from work and feeling dizzy ��... has anyone else experienced this when coming of citalopram??

16-10-18, 05:24 PM
Don't forget that all anti d's stay in your system for around 4 - 6 weeks after your last dose. Do talk it over with the Dr..

16-10-18, 06:56 PM
Thanks suzi.. Fingers crossed I'm feeling more human soon

16-10-18, 07:21 PM
I hope so too. Are you eating healthily? Getting some exercise? Do you have anyone around you to help support you through this?