View Full Version : Deja vu *su warning*

07-09-18, 06:59 PM
Does anyone else experience strong feelings of deja vu when they are very low? I have felt very depressed and very low lately and keep getting the sensation of deja vu, not sure if this is common or I actually am losing my grip on reality.

07-09-18, 08:22 PM
You aren't losing any grip on reality love. Often people have said that they have stronger senses or strong connections to other events etc...

07-09-18, 10:24 PM
If you were losing your grip on reality, you wouldn’t question whether you are losing your grip on reality itms. Hunni, the brain is an incredibly complex organ and we only have the smallest clue on how it works and what it does. I haven’t had deja vu but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen

07-09-18, 10:31 PM
I have at times had that feeling I'm reliving a past event, it can be a bit unsettling, it's probably my mind playing tricks on me.