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19-07-18, 06:45 PM
i feel like i am losing interest in all the things i used to enjoy like work, socialising. and because i panic before meeting up with people i'm cancelling on doing things to the point where people are stopping talking to me and leaving me out of plans completely.
i hate going out or going to events now as i worry that i won't be able to make conversation or that everyone hates me.
I want to change it now before it gets worse - i dont want to look back at my 20s and just remember feeling down.
i've tried calling helplines but really struggle to actually speak to them.

19-07-18, 07:37 PM
Hi H994,

Have you been to see you're doctor? Anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be very debilitating, there's medication and various talking therapies nost of which you can only access by seeing your doctor.

19-07-18, 09:02 PM
Hi and welcome to DWD. I agree with Mike, have you spoken to your GP about how you are feeling?

19-07-18, 09:05 PM
Hi and welcome. Definitely go to see your doctor for support. Has anything happened to trigger this?