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18-07-18, 07:10 PM

I am new to this forum it has taken me a lot to sign up finally hahaha

How is everybody? (although judging by the place we are I guess I know :(

Don't know what to say hahaha just hi I guess

18-07-18, 07:12 PM
Hi and welcome! Say what you want, when you want, there's no pressure. Take a look around and join in whenever and wherever you feel comfortable :)

18-07-18, 08:25 PM
Hi and welcome to DWD (hi)

18-07-18, 08:49 PM
Hi istherehope,

There is hope, yes we do struggle and have our bad patches, but with medication and/or therapy it is possible to manage depression.

Have you seen your doctor are you having any treatment?

We're a friendly bunch here, just look round the forum and dive in when you are ready.

19-07-18, 08:56 AM
Hi and welcome to DWD! As everyone else has said, have a look around and join in where you feel comfortable.
Do you have a good support network around you?

19-07-18, 11:45 AM
Hi istherehope, I joined up yesterday too and it also took a lot for me to do it, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming so far, I hope being here helps you as much as it has already helped me