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19-06-18, 08:14 PM
Following on from smelly _steff comments about how football is annoying her soap schedule.
If you were in charge of rescheduling what would you include and what would you ban from tv?

I'd ban all soaps and those Jeremy Kyle shows and shows where the TV audience clap and shout too much.

I'd have more sports, more movies and more comic related shows .

Over to you.

19-06-18, 09:28 PM
I would also like to see more History related shows and more shows about Ancient Aliens.
And I would bring back sherlock.

19-06-18, 10:14 PM
To be fair it irritates me if programmes that I watch get cancelled and moved around for another programme to be on, everyone likes different things so even though I dont watch a programme I wouldnt say to get rid of it as others do watch it and like it, maybe a chanel could be opened up for special events that way they dont impact on other programmes

19-06-18, 11:07 PM
A lot of programs seem to be repeated too often.

I like science based programs and decent movies (though I'm not sure what a decent movie is these days). Ancient Aliens is interesting too though it is more entertainment value than fact based.

I'd like to see cricket back on free to watch TV though doubt if that'll ever happen.

Can't abide these pseudo-reality shows Big Brother et al.

20-06-18, 09:06 AM
To be fair I'm a soap watcher - only Eastenders, but I love things like Casualty, Holby City, Silent Witness etc Am quite excited that Luther is back soon. I do get that it's annoying when things are moved for the sporting events like the world cup, Wimbledon etc
Anything else though I tend to binge watch series of shows/movies which we have on our own private server.