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09-06-18, 11:10 PM
Hello everyone
I have suffered from depression for many years , but just joined ere
Things reached a peak recently, i had a melt down, got put on antidepressants

But , things are looking up :)
I didnt lose my job after breaking into tears at work infront of clients
They offered to pay for me to have councilling.
The offer was enough to boost my moral, made me feel valued.

I know the underlying issue is I always feel lonley, and I get down i dont maintain my wellbeing, just try to survive - though i have questioned living at times

anyway must be positive
Im new here , just saying hello

09-06-18, 11:14 PM
Hi and welcome to DWD. Have a good look around and join in where you feel comfortable!

09-06-18, 11:24 PM
Thank you Suzi

10-06-18, 09:03 AM
Hi Min, welcome to DWD we're a friendly bunch here, just check out our forum and dive in when you feel ready.

10-06-18, 10:01 AM
Hi Min, good to meet you (hi)

19-06-18, 09:48 PM
Hello Min,

Your positive attitude will make things happen. ��