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08-06-18, 07:55 PM
Hi all

New here. I've have some form of depression since high school but only got diagnosed in 2014. Didn't really do much about it and wasn't very strict on my medication... then my marriage ended (don't be sorry... I'm not! It was a mess!)... so been on a bit of a downward spiral until I had a meltdown at work this week.

Got signed off for 2 weeks and will be referred to a psychiatrist to find out if I have Bipolar. I'm going to be taking Sertraline 50mg as of tomorrow - I had to laugh when the pharmacist said "DON'T TAKE THIS WITH GRAPEFRUIT JUICE!"... I don't know why that caught me off-guard out of everything else that's happened recently... (giggle)

I feel a bit S-word because the meltdown happened just after I got an opportunity to progress in my career. I think that may have been a catalyst, mind you. (y)

QUESTION: Anyone here been referred to the psych and then suddenly thought "what the hell am I doing, I'm FINE!!! What's all the fuss about?!"??? And anyone gone for help and then thought "well F-word, that's my normal future/career prospects out the window"? (note, I know the career thing isn't true because workplaces are more inclusive these days, but you know what I mean right?)

I definitely have 'the fear' now. And it doesn't really help that my family deny I have mental health issues too. Just "going through a hard time" as they say. It's that attitude that stopped me from getting help before. (emo)

Anyway, hi everyone! Hope you're well!


08-06-18, 10:33 PM
Hi and welcome. I can't agree strongly enough with Mike. Getting to have a psych referral is something that many people want/need and don't qualify for, so if you've got one and get the chance for specialist help then I'd urge you to grab it with both hands and put your all into it.

08-06-18, 10:50 PM
Hi and welcome (hi). Grapefruit mucks up a lot of medication, for all sorts of different conditions. Something about one of the acids in it, I think.

That’s great you’ve got that referral. As Suzi says they can be hard to come by. If you’re being referred, hunni, then your doctor thinks it’s important you see a specialist. We all, as Mike says, try to pretend we’re fine but recognising we’re not is the first, important step to recovery