View Full Version : Friday Fab 5's: Friday 25th May 2018

25-05-18, 07:55 AM
So it's that time of the week again, the time we focus on the positive and ignore the negative.

What 5 things (or more or less) have been good for you this week? It doesn't have to be anything huge like discovering a group of fairies living in your garden shed or climbing Everest in under 3 hours! It can be something as simple as surviving the week or managing the basics.

Remember no negativity! Anything negative will be removed.

Here's mine to get you started.

- My babies. They amaze me every day
- Getting my garden more sorted and looking fab!
- Playing words with friends with my family and having fun with it
- Plans with my little sister for the school summer holidays
- Sorting the GDPR regulations!

Your turn!

25-05-18, 08:25 AM
TfGM Spring Walk last Saturday the Fri Fab 5 week starts then doesn't it.
Claudia Hirschfeld and her Wersi organ on CD.
Lunches and walks too numerous to mention individually.
Support from you guys when I was having a bad day, thanks.
Warm sunny days.
A phone call from my sister she was having a good time in Portugal despite it raining.
Lots and lots of pandas they always make me smile (panda)

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25-05-18, 09:55 AM
Treated to lunch yesterday
Online window shopping
Finally got around the cutting my hedge and front lawn.
Discharged by Gateway Worker.
Window cleaner finally showed up after 6 months!!!

25-05-18, 10:53 AM
Few days off to rest.
Car didn't cost me a massive fortune like i was expecting it to
New patch for game and discord technology chats with my gaming friends
weekend to rest
My friend H is finally being allowed to have dual citizenship and his job has stopped being contract based and now fully employed as company staff so his job security is much better now (his ceremony is 17th July)

25-05-18, 12:45 PM
Paper hot air balloons. I think no matter what I do, the kids just love them.
The sun coming to visit. Long time no see. It's nice to see you.
Gardening and smelling the soil, getting dirt under my nails, and finishing the weeding.
The support here. Thanks everyone.
The feeling of having the windows open. (Even if the flies get in.)
Chatting with the neighbors as they pass by.
A good week, is worth millions.

25-05-18, 06:58 PM
Enjoying sitting out in the sun
Colourful flowers growing in the garden
Having fun with my cousin yesterday
Mucking about baking cakes
Started painting again!
Having a natter to you all!

25-05-18, 10:18 PM
Iíve got these in on Friday (just)!

- got through a long day of meetings, the second one was my first as Charity Secretary so Iím chuffed everything went to plan
- continued, steady weight loss
- getting into a size smaller dress (party)
- coming off a drug that gave me horrible side effects
- good appointment with Neurologist, my symptoms are getting better

26-05-18, 12:48 PM
Not a lot, but significant:
- Survived a very tough week;
- got my first psychotherapy session;
- got calmer;
- managed to do my work on time.

26-05-18, 01:09 PM
These are brilliant! Thank you all for sharing!