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03-05-18, 09:53 AM
Anyone fancy resurrecting the DWD book club?

03-05-18, 09:57 AM
It involves books....I'm there!!!

03-05-18, 10:05 AM
We used to have one years ago. We picked a book - something easy to start with and then we had some time to read it and then we had a thread running where we could/would talk about it..
It would mean that we picked different books/authors which was really cool..

03-05-18, 10:06 AM
Im in!

03-05-18, 10:16 AM
I guess it would depend on what we read.

I'm in if the books are interesting!

03-05-18, 10:22 AM
Id guess, knowing our lot, therell be something to suit everyone :)

03-05-18, 10:28 AM
well as long as it's not fantasy, or stuff written years and years ago impossible to understand, I guess I'm good

03-05-18, 10:41 AM
It's not something you'd have to join in with every week if you weren't interested in the books chosen. And I'm sure we'd choose books the majority agree on :)

03-05-18, 11:12 AM
Interesting idea even though I rarely read books (apart from Readers Digest) these days I'll dive in if the fancy takes me.

03-05-18, 02:11 PM
Jaquaia, I think it will be interesting to see how the book club chooses their book (will the person running choose, will we get to vote on a few, etc)

maybe a good idea would be a diffrent theme each time- so romance one time, then fantasy, etc

03-05-18, 02:19 PM
It will be interesting to see why books are chosen too. A lot of the time I read purely because I love the written word; it doesn't matter what genre it is.

Exept 50 Shades... that's where I draw the line!!!

03-05-18, 03:33 PM
My plan with it was that you joined in if you fancy it, no pressure, but fun if you did. I thought we'd do a mix of novels and maybe people could try something they haven't read before!
Does anyone have any that they would love to share with the group?

03-05-18, 05:08 PM
Room by Emma Donaghue. Initially, I resisted reading this because I knew it was being made into a film and I thought it was going to be yet another flimsy novel that was only good because it was on the silver screen. Anyway, in another book club, it was the first book thrown into the mix.

The book is narrated by Jack, a 5 year old who has been confined to one room with his mother his whole life. Jack believes that this one room is the entire world and that everything else only exists on television.

Despite the narrator being a child, which is always difficult to pull off as a writer, shes definitely pulled it off. Jack is naive and innocent, struggles to communicate and understand reality, yet I felt that I was living the journey this story takes you on, with him.

Its brilliant and, I suspect, will become a true classic

03-05-18, 05:10 PM
YES!!!!! Absolutely awesome book! I couldn't put it down.

03-05-18, 06:59 PM
Sounds like a good idea for a starting point... Anyone in? I'll have to get a copy from my library ;)

04-05-18, 11:42 AM
this book sounds a good one, something I'd be interested in.

I was going to suggest before I die by jenny downham, about a girl who has cancer trying to forfill her wishes before it's too late

somewhere along the line she falls in love, and that makes things a lot more complicated

the book is narated by her too. first hand account.,.

04-05-18, 12:49 PM
We can go with that one another week if you fancy?

05-05-18, 11:48 AM
Its just occurred to me that some parts of Room could be triggering for some. Its implied, not overt, as a 5 year old narrates, and its not what he says rather what hes not picking up itms?

Jaq, can you help me narrow down what Im tryjng to say without spoilers? (think)

05-05-18, 12:16 PM
The events that happen while he's confined to the room are hinted at, rather innocently from a childs understanding, but it's obvious what is happening, which i think makes it all the more harrowing.

The description off amazon...

Jack is five. He lives with his Ma. They live in a single, locked room. They don't have the key.

Jack and Ma are prisoners.

Room by Emma Donoghue is an extraordinarily powerful story of a mother and child kept in isolation, and the desire for, and price of, freedom.

22-06-18, 11:08 PM
I just wanted to check whether weve got any more members who have read Room or plan to, and whod like to join in on the discussion?

If not, and youd all like to move on to another book, does anyone have any suggestions on what we could look at next?

23-06-18, 08:18 AM
I just wanted to check whether we’ve got any more members who have read Room or plan to, and who’d like to join in on the discussion?

If not, and you’d all like to move on to another book, does anyone have any suggestions on what we could look at next?

I've stalled on page 70 in Room not picked it up for over a week.

23-06-18, 04:32 PM
I'm currently reading Cogheart and it's a beautiful story - but teenage based lol http://www.peterbunzl.com/cogheart/

What kind of book do we all fancy?

23-06-18, 05:51 PM
Teenaged based is fine, Harry Potter is teenage based ...

23-06-18, 06:11 PM
I'm reading Room and whereas I like the way it is written I'm not liking where it seems to be heading (can't say anymore else it'd be a spoiler).

23-06-18, 06:35 PM
I've just finished 'Midnight Bites' by Rachel Caine. Still annoyed that I can't find my copy of Room!!!

A lot of the teenage based books are excellent reads!

23-06-18, 08:12 PM
Woohoo! I love teenage fiction as well as other stuff too! Sometimes it's nice to have an easy fantasy read.

As an aside - years ago I was told to try Terry Pratchet and just couldn't get into the discworld book I was handed - should I try again?

23-06-18, 08:15 PM
I really enjoy Terry Pratchett and even got my brother reading him. What did you try?

23-06-18, 08:17 PM
Erm it was one of the discworld ones, but not the first one - bar that I can't even remember it was that long ago...

23-06-18, 11:09 PM
I like Terry Pratchett. Its completely wacky ;)

23-06-18, 11:14 PM
I've only got a handful but I love what I've read so far.

24-06-18, 09:39 AM
Well I shall try again! (After I've read this one and the sequel!)

20-07-18, 09:26 AM
Are you guys still doing this? I've always wanted to join a book club, I started going to one once a few years ago with a friend of mine but she didn't like it and my anxiety stopped me going by myself

20-07-18, 09:28 AM
Lol we started off so well, then life got in the way ;). Id absolutely love to continue - do you have any suggestions re the next book we should do?

20-07-18, 09:30 AM
Ah, life has a habit of doing that! As for book suggestions, not sure off the top of my head but I'm open to anything, I love reading and I'll read pretty much any type of book

20-07-18, 09:45 AM
Yes I'd love to carry it on too!

20-07-18, 02:22 PM
Count me in. I'm devouring books at the moment. Reading about 3 a week! Big achievement for me to get back to reading like this.

20-07-18, 08:54 PM
Anyone got a suggestion for one?

20-07-18, 09:06 PM
I chose the last one ;)

20-07-18, 09:48 PM
OK.. Can I suggest Cogheart? (Just cox I'm reading it atm and have a connection to the author!) It's a young adult book but I'm loving it.... No problem if people don't fancy it..

21-07-18, 07:59 AM
That looks good :). I love YA books!

21-07-18, 10:59 AM
Link for anyone interested: http://www.peterbunzl.com/cogheart/
I'm loving it so much that I also own the sequel it's really captured me!

21-07-18, 11:18 AM
Was reading Room but didn't like where the story was heading, I've ordered a copy of Cogheart it may suit me better.

21-07-18, 11:52 AM
Was reading Room but didn't like where the story was heading, I've ordered a copy of Cogheart it may suit me better.

In what way, Mike?

21-07-18, 12:02 PM
In what way, Mike?

I can't really say without giving a spoiler.

21-07-18, 12:05 PM
there you go - spoiler away ;)


21-07-18, 12:30 PM
Paula I've replied on that thread :)