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21-02-18, 09:55 PM
Apologies for not posting earlier but I have been lurking. I just needed time to feel sorry for myself and to 'lick my wounds' I also felt let down -still feel let down. I didn't get the job I was so certain that I would get. I still think that I was the best candidate. I'm not being smug it was down to the last two and the other candidate won on having slightly better answers. I just think that he/she was preferred to me for reasons unknown.
They have got some help for me. There were fifteen applicants. So now I have an assistant. I don't have to have a nervous breakdown after each day.
I was ready to leave. They knew I was ready to leave. They thought I was gone.
I still want to go.
So I'm back. I'm affiliated to five choirs at the moment. I was singing at the Cathedral last week. I'm slightly loopy I know. See you all soon.

21-02-18, 10:19 PM
Hi EJ, good to see you. From years in HR and recruitment, I found that, ultimately, the decision was usually made on who best fit the existing team - what temperaments and characters they already had and who best suited that. I know it feels like it but itís not personal. If you intend to leave, the right job is out there.

5 choirs? Wow thatís a lot! How are you coping with that?

22-02-18, 09:26 AM
Hi lovely! It's wonderful to see you, sorry you aren't feeling brighter though.
5 choirs? Are you making friends and getting involved with the social side of things too?
Sorry you didn't get that job, but it means that it wasn't right for you. There is something better for you lovely.

23-02-18, 10:04 PM
Thanks Suzi and Paula for replying. The annoying thing was that I thought I had the job. I'm sure that it isn't over yet. The recruitment person spent a lot of time interviewing me and even wishing me luck on the day. Grrrh. I have an assistant and my life at the nursery has improved considerably. It is difficult to work with another person. The five choirs are not all happening at once. One is only for Palm Sunday. There are two regular ones on the Monday and Tuesday then the choir that is folding up this year . We are honouring are commitments for this year and then that is is it. There are also the 'occasional' singers that are affiliated to the Cathedral. If I have made an impression then I get invited back. If not then that is is !!

24-02-18, 09:32 AM
Why are you finding it difficult to work with your assistant?

08-06-20, 04:17 PM
Sorry to hear that you didnt get the job you wanted. It happens to the best of us. Just keep trying and in one moment a door (A job you want) will open for you. It isnt always the person with the best answers that gets the job though, there are many factors. Can you be trusted, would you be loyal, are you a hard worker. etc. Interviewers make decisions based on a number of factors. If you come across as what the company needs you will be hired. Well generally speaking. Good luck.

08-06-20, 05:04 PM
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