View Full Version : Purples guide to better house keeping.

01-11-17, 04:43 PM
1. When eating a billed egg, be careful to remove the shell first, or it can be too crunchy.

2. If the telephone rings while your ironing, it can lead to a terrible muddle. A medicine box near by can can prove to be an absolute lifesaver for those with severe burns round the ears.
3. Bookshelves are perfect for storing books. I place mine on the shelves with spine facing outwards. This lets me see what the book is without having to pull it out.
4. Shopping is quite an art in its self. ! Butchers are wonderful places for finding meats.while vegetables are readily available at most greengrocers.
5. Adding mushrooms to a stock gives it a lovely mushroomy flavour.

Know any more you can add. (rofl)

01-11-17, 04:49 PM
Whenever I wash the dishes in the bed room, I find That the sheets and blankets get awfully wet. In my experience ,the best place to wash dishes is in the kitchen.avoid pouring hot soapy water on your cooker. Especially if it's electric.