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15-09-17, 08:56 AM
Woohoo! 'Tis Friday!
So, in the age old DWD fashion, I ask you the most important question you will be asked today.... *pauses for drum roll and dramatic effect*......

What 5 (or more or fewer) things have been positive for you or made you smile this week?

Remember, they don't have to be "climbed mount Kilimanjaro on my hands and a unicycle" but they can be, "sat in the sun drinking a cup of tea" or "got up every day this week" etc

Also remember - NO NEGATIVITY or it will be removed.

Mine to get you started:

~ Award ceremony last night. My babies are awesome.
~ Hazel doing better on crutches
~ Weight loss
~ Friends
~ Friday!

Your turn!

15-09-17, 09:09 AM
This is almost unheard of...I'm not paddy last...I'm paddy second!!..I'm going to be a copycat and do squiggles like suzi.

~ Had a good shift at the shop on Monday.
~ Came through the stretching and bending at Yoga.
~ Went to Burnham on Sea with Ian on Wednesday.
~ Had a good time nag riding yesterday and didn't fall off
~ Going to meet cuzz from LR for lunch later on.

Next please! (giggle)

15-09-17, 09:45 AM
Those are all brilliant! Well done lovely! :)

15-09-17, 10:22 AM
Morning all.

1. My 'present' morning this morning. Instead of my 'plesant' morning that I'm having. Lol.
2. Not sure if this counts as it may be a little bit negative, but I made up with Aisling. We fell out this week for the first time over hormones.
3. I spent my time more productively this week. I'm getting used to having my time to myself.
4. Down a pound at ww this week.
5. Feeling proud of all I achieved. I got housework done, I got crafts done and I even got some cooking done.

15-09-17, 10:27 AM
Morning! I really wanted to do this today, given this week has been a snotty bust ;)

- I've ordered my new iPhone 8 (gold)
- jess has really loved her first week at college
- Luna's ok, for now :)

S deleted
15-09-17, 12:49 PM
Free tickets for Concert of Legends
Attended said event and didn't freak out
No counselling for almost 3 weeks
Having a friend over for coffee
Spending time with another friend yesterday

15-09-17, 05:28 PM
1. My Mom's condition has slowly improved;
2. My boss got to understand me a little;
3. Good relation with customers although I have been messed up this week;
4. Good time with my cat (cuddles);
5. I've found time to see a new movie.

15-09-17, 06:27 PM
1. Survived a long week
2. Weekend here
3. hot chocolate today was lush

15-09-17, 06:33 PM
Love this thread!! (happy)

1. Checked out an eco-therapy/horticulture project and had a coffee with some of the service users there. Loved the look of it and I'm going back on Monday!
2. Got myself motivated for a job interview, got the job and started my first shift all in one week!
3. Have been much more committed to doing enjoyable activities to boost my mood - have devoured a book in a few days and have another on the go already, have started a new TV series and have started painting flower pots to give as Christmas presents! (y)
4. Sister in law and baby niece visited me at the weekend.
5. Got three unexpected texts - lovely surprise!

15-09-17, 09:58 PM
These are all so brilliant! Well done everyone! Thank you for sharing!

15-09-17, 11:29 PM
~ had a lovely afternoon with a friend
~ making plans to go out with the lads next month
~ home alone! FREEDOM!!!! (giggle)
~ friends here as always

16-09-17, 07:58 PM
Here are mine:
I'm glad Suzi hasn't closed this thread as it is now Saturday
I've been to a family party and survived. Most are farmers or descendants of farmers so I thought I would have problem with the food but it was a ploughmans all laid out on a central table so we could help ourselves
Homemade scones and cake and chocolate brownies and clotted cream
Driving through the countryside to be there
Meeting several great nieces and nephews and one who fell asleep on D
Meeting an old friend for coffee this morning and she also met N as she was giving him her vinyl records
Surviving work again
Family party was because my nephew is moving to New York to work and his wife and baby are going too

16-09-17, 09:43 PM
I always leave the thread open EJ, we get a few people who arrive over the weekend. That party sounds lovely! :)

17-09-17, 10:50 AM
Late as usual ;)

A great lunch at the Old Boat House on Tuesday, mmm Manchester tart and ice cream, say no more
Custard Club with two bowls of rice pud on Wednesday
Bridge on Thursday
Magnificent lunch at the Waterside on Friday, such yummy cheesecake
Getting some work done in the garden