View Full Version : Friday Fab 5's: Friday 14th July 2017

14-07-17, 07:47 AM
Woohoo! 'Tis Friday!
So, in the age old DWD fashion, I ask you the most important question you will be asked today.... *pauses for drum roll and dramatic effect*......

What 5 (or more or fewer) things have been positive for you or made you smile this week?

Remember, they don't have to be "climbed mount Kilimanjaro on my hands and a unicycle" but they can be, "sat in the sun drinking a cup of tea" or "got up every day this week" etc

Also remember - NO NEGATIVITY or it will be removed.

Mine to get you started:

~ 1 more week until the end of term! Can't wait!
~ Amazing school reports from both of my girls.
~ Both girls being given awards in the big award ceremony held in September (H achievement in English and Effort in Maths and F Contribution to her house!)
~ New garden furniture and eating outside for dinner a couple of times.
~ Spending time 1:1 with B.

Your turn!

14-07-17, 08:30 AM
My gorgeous niece is finally here and I get to meet her today (inlove)
Support from here and from friends
I've survived another week
Lost just over 2lbs

S deleted
14-07-17, 12:40 PM
Made a couple of calls to help expand my support structure
Spoiled myself to tons of fruit
Made a start buying stuff in preparation for decorating
Able to return a favour to a friend who has been so good to me lately
Survived the stressful experience of bathing Max

14-07-17, 04:55 PM
- had a lovely Indian head massage this morning
- Polo got the all clear after his op
- I don't have to take Jess back to the orthodontist for another 12 months!
- survived a tough pain week
- I've got a nice bottle of rose chilling ;)

14-07-17, 06:52 PM
Cuddles with my beautiful Scarlett Rose (inlove)

14-07-17, 07:00 PM
1. got help to send an email of a type that is difficult for me to do.
2. Night out tomorrow with a close friend
3. Gaming and chatting in discord with my new German close friends.

14-07-17, 08:55 PM
These are all so brilliant! Thank you all for sharing!

14-07-17, 10:20 PM
In no particular order:

Less panic attacks, actually enjoying some moments of life instead of just being in survival mode constantly
Finally finishing a very late birthday present I was making
Going to a day centre and meeting some very sweet people
Having friends who are there for me, especially Welf and his mum
Using the crisis line when I need it instead of putting my worries on the wrong people
Playing some WOW again :)
Having a support worker who is really there for me
Being able to cook for myself a bit more often and having my appetite back

15-07-17, 09:55 AM
Emmy, that's awesome! (party)

15-07-17, 10:02 AM
My turn. :)
Lunch at the Old Boathouse and a nice walk despite the rain.
Custard Club as usual, always good.
Bridge challenging as there is so much to learn.
Lunch at the Blue Bell and a nice walk home along the canal.
My cabbages are growing :)

15-07-17, 04:25 PM
Sorry I'm late...I'm all over the place at the moment!!
1. I've survived the anxiety of the last few days
2. Hubby is coming home tomorrow.
3. Lots of support from my kids and cousin...and those here..thank you.xx
4) Had a nice walk yesterday afternoon.
5. Looking forward to a hopefully relaxing week next week.