View Full Version : Friday Fab 5's: Friday 9th June 2017

09-06-17, 08:25 AM
Morning all! It's Friday!

This is my favourite thread of the week - it'd be great to see loads of answers on it! So it's time to ask...

What 5 (or more or less) things have made you smile or been positive for you this week?

Remember - they have to be relevant to you and can be anything - as long as it's a positive for you!

Mine to get you started:

~ Having my hair cut
~ Survived another week of GCSE's
~ Friendship
~ Moiya's better
~ Plans!

Your turn! :)

09-06-17, 09:24 AM
Happy, happy Friday :)

- only one more week till exams are away (happy)
- plumber came this morning so finally plans to repair and update bathrooms is underway
- peonies
- spending time with my twin nephews on their birthday
- positive work on my one handed cross stitch
- honoured to be asked to be Assistant Admin on this incredible forum :)

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09-06-17, 10:06 PM
New cleaner seems nice enough.
Got back behind the wheel again.
Made a date to visit a friend.
Survived a tough week.
Made a difficult decision.

10-06-17, 09:21 AM
-- Enjoyed time with son and granddaughter
-- Last session with therapist.
-- Looking forward to small challenges that I can hopefully deal with
-- Picked up another set of wheels yesterday.
-- Friendship from everyone here.
Oh....2 doorsteps of choc fudge cake and cream!

10-06-17, 09:11 PM
Fresh breadcakes

10-06-17, 10:46 PM
I'm really sorry, I wasn't around much yesterday or today. I'll give my 5 now if it's okay.

1. Having a travel pass and being able to use it on the train on Tuesday. Free travel for hubby and I, we only had to pay for Aisling.
2. A great day out in Dublin, despite my wobble on Monday night.
3. Having a great clear out of Aisling's room today. Badly needed and well worth the time it took.
4. Actually enjoying my time in Galway today. We don't normally get to go into town, normally staying in the smaller shopping centres in the outskirts.
5. The support and friendships that I get from this site. You wouldn't get it anywhere else. Thanks a million everyone.