View Full Version : Friday Fab 5's: Friday 26th May 2017

26-05-17, 08:44 AM
Morning all! It's Friday!
So it's time to ask...

What 5 (or more or less) things have made you smile or been positive for you this week?

Remember - they have to be relevant to you and can be anything - as long as it's a positive for you!

Mine to get you started:

~ My children break up for half term today!
~ Survived week 2 of GCSE's
~ Trying to learn to pace more
~ Making decisions
~ ICE!

This is my favourite thread of the week - it'd be great to see loads of answers on it!
Your turn! :)

26-05-17, 09:16 AM
And from me:
...Weeded the garden and put more plants in.
...The spare room is finished and Simon not coming for a month or so.
...Had a good time at GA Club
...Got a nice card from the coffee morning ladies for work done last week.
...Just grateful to be where I am, and thankful for support here.

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26-05-17, 09:56 AM
Had a fun night out with a friend Wednesday
Completed the letter I needed to write.
Some awesome friends both here and irl
Did a good deed yesterday morning.
My pedestal fan bringing relief from the heat

26-05-17, 11:51 AM
Now for me, I'll work backwards and start with today -

1. The kites were a BIG hit. I'm just wondering what I can follow it up with...
2. Although I was a little bit behind, I was ready for today. All cut out and ready to go.
3. Appointments all week and none of them made me anxious. I just sailed through them all.
4. Thank God for the sun. I've been enjoying the outdoors all week. I had my suncream on so don't worry.
5. All the support from everyone here. It's lovely to have friends who understand.

26-05-17, 12:14 PM
- I had THE best time in Manchester!!! Great friends, good food, lots and lots of giggles. We've become a family over the last 15 years, it can be a year between us seeing each other but it feels like only last week.
- For the first time in what feels like forever, I did not feel lonely.
- I was sat drinking with Norman Whiteside!
- Did I mention I had a fantastic time?
- I handled the journey back with no issues and no anxiety.
- Friends, both here and irl.

- I must add this. I normally struggle to fasten these jeans I'm wearing the first time I put them on...... not today! (rofl)

26-05-17, 12:27 PM
These are all brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

26-05-17, 03:44 PM
- jess is halfway through her GCSEs! Not long to go :)
- seeing Jess beaming meeting up with her friends at Pizza Hut this lunchtime
- Jess again lol. She seems to have listened to me and is being a lot more amenable this week
- have got my embroidery frame and stand, ready to try if I can manage one handed cross stitch
- having lots of Hive kit installed to help me out

27-05-17, 10:03 AM
My turn a little late unless I posted before (it's the heat I tell yah confuzzles the brain (giggle))

Lunch with my sister and apple crumble.
Custard Club with apple crumble.
Ace bridge session.
Listening to "The Secret Sisters" on CD.
Watched Moana on Blu-ray.

27-05-17, 11:11 AM
3 day weekend now to chill
Aircon at work ( i hate the heat so is a god send!)
Managed to deal with a last minute request from a contractor without going into anxiety stress mode.
Got Paid!