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15-05-17, 06:11 PM
http://i998.photobucket.com/albums/af109/ronmac95/_96031300_4a810d48-8636-4d25-853b-e8ee0e7edf97_zpszg0gjzgw.jpg (http://s998.photobucket.com/user/ronmac95/media/_96031300_4a810d48-8636-4d25-853b-e8ee0e7edf97_zpszg0gjzgw.jpg.html)

I saw this photograph of pink floyd's teacher from their hit Another brick in the wall pt 1.
And was thinking of going along to the exhibition of their work at the Albert and Victoria museum.
Art has a huge part to play in music history. Classic album covers were part of the experience of buying music. What iconic moments from music do you remember?
I am trying to stay away from the usual youtube posting thread and i want to know why the particular piece of music means a lot. If you feel the need to post a youtube video then by all means. But let me know why it is special.

15-05-17, 06:16 PM
http://i998.photobucket.com/albums/af109/ronmac95/1973_music_tubular_bells_zpsynpzltwb.jpg (http://s998.photobucket.com/user/ronmac95/media/1973_music_tubular_bells_zpsynpzltwb.jpg.html)

Mike Oldfield Tubular bells.
I remember this album from the 1970s' as it wa the first to make a huge impact on my early life. The film the exercise had just came out and the music added to the atmosphere of the film. Although Mike is a great musician i think he will never be able to top this classic from 1973. Although, i am sure it came out in the mid 1970's.

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15-05-17, 06:27 PM
I think that some artist produce pure works of art which can never be reproduced, and are simply timeless being an MJ fan of course you will expect me to mention Thriller but I think the success of that album was thanks to its predecessor Off The Wall which I think really showed the depth of MJs ability as a vocalist and sole artist.

Also have to add two other classicalbums with U2's Joshua Tree and Dire Straits Brothers in Arms. Pure Genius.

15-05-17, 08:19 PM
Agree with those!
Alanis Morisette Jagged Little Pill was the soundtrack to my youth!
Tori Amos Little Earthquakes is still one of my favourite albums of all time..

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15-05-17, 08:26 PM
Jagged little pill was epic, really edgy. In my late teens one of the stand out albums which has a lot of fun memories attached is Roxette - Joyride. Yeah I know, hardly an outstanding piece of musical genius but still lol

15-05-17, 09:11 PM
For me it was Pink
Missundaztood Man that girl can sing!

16-05-17, 08:24 AM
I adore P!nk as do my girls! Perfect, Raise your glass and Dear Mr President - which is just as relevant now with trump in charge - are some of my favs!

16-05-17, 08:35 AM
ohhh there is so many!

Pink Floyd - Darkside of the moon
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
Leftfield - Leftism
Genesis - Lamb lies down in Broadway
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene
Crosby Stills & Nash - Deja Vu
Nirvana - Nevermind
Direstraits - Brothers in arms
Yes - Yes songs (one of the firsts triple vinyl live concerts)
the list is endless!

16-05-17, 02:23 PM
The first big gig I went to - Meatloaf Bat out of Hell II at Bournemouth - was AWESOME!

16-05-17, 03:51 PM
http://i998.photobucket.com/albums/af109/ronmac95/David_Bowie_-_Hunky_Dory_zpsqq01objs.jpg (http://s998.photobucket.com/user/ronmac95/media/David_Bowie_-_Hunky_Dory_zpsqq01objs.jpg.html)

I saw David perform some of the songs from this album at the marquee club in London. Still have it after all these years. I love it because musically it laid the foundation for Davids later work and had the songs Life on mars on side one and Brilliant, Queen Bitch on side two.
Must have a listen to it soon.

16-05-17, 08:21 PM
That's so cool!

16-05-17, 11:55 PM
unfortunately i missed out on the likes of bowie and monty python area back in the day by about two years because people a little older than me think theyre the best but i just dont get it at all

no disrepect to david bowie, he was his own genre and an innovator but i was too young to remember and my mother only had the likes of ian dury and the later beatles on radio 2 when i was very little lol

so iconic music for me would be ian dury, madness, culture club and the smiths, followed by teeny stuff and onto the likes of the prodigy and slipmatt, then i got a grip and found manic street preachers and radiohead and all was well with the world ;)

17-05-17, 12:16 PM
Good taste ;)

17-05-17, 06:50 PM
Although Bowie was my era I didn't totally get him. Monty Python seemed hilarious at the time but doesn't seem to be in the least bit funny now.

Must admit I was an Abba fan. :)

17-05-17, 07:43 PM
I'll always remember when my then boyfriend, now ex husband, played me The Jam's That's Entertainment. It was the first time I'd been a fan of non 'poppy' music and I came to love Snap! And I believe Paul Weller is a musical genius

18-05-17, 07:41 AM
http://i998.photobucket.com/albums/af109/ronmac95/Bat-out-of-Hell-1_zpsenxonqis.jpg (http://s998.photobucket.com/user/ronmac95/media/Bat-out-of-Hell-1_zpsenxonqis.jpg.html)

18-05-17, 06:28 PM
I think every house hold in the U.K had a copy of Jim stineman's and meat loafs bat out of hell album. One of those album covers that tells you what the album is about. The songs were great and Ellen Foely the female vocalist.

20-05-17, 03:00 PM
http://i998.photobucket.com/albums/af109/ronmac95/BBAXzyH_zpsmvdj6mxv.jpg (http://s998.photobucket.com/user/ronmac95/media/BBAXzyH_zpsmvdj6mxv.jpg.html)

Wannabe was released 20 years ago! wow! HOW TIME FLIES.

20-05-17, 07:43 PM
Great music to do housework to ;)