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05-05-17, 07:57 AM
Well, after Star Wars Day I'm trying to work out if I can continue the theme with "Revenge of the fifth day" (rofl)(rofl)

Anyway, what 5 or more or less things are positive for you this week or made you smile?
Remember they don't have to globally massive things, but "saw a bluebell" is just as (if not more so) significant...
No negativity please!

Mine to get you started:

~ The updates are done and I haven't wiped the forum!
~ Next reduction seems to be going OK
~ We have a newt!
~ Made it through the week!
~ Spending time with my Princesses watching Masterchef

Your turn!

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05-05-17, 09:18 AM
Signed up for more counselling.
So grateful for some lovely birthday gifts.
Had the courage to contact the schools regarding the boys progress.
Got a call back from the lil mans teacher and he's doing well.
Fencing is coming along nicely.

05-05-17, 10:46 AM
- jess had a lovely 16th birthday :)
- went out for dinner with my little family - on a school night! ;)
- have got through another week on my own. The kids have been fed, the pets looked after and washing has been done. Phew!
- my SIL has been receiving treatment for the last year to try to slow down the progress of her MS. She found out yesterday that her MRI shows no deterioration since she started the treatment. Thank God
- and today is Si's first pay check in 2 years. If I'm not around, I'm shopping! (rofl)

05-05-17, 01:18 PM
Well done ladies! There's some brilliant ones there!

05-05-17, 03:19 PM
Lunch at my sister's on Tuesday.
Luncheon club on Wednesday & Nominoes.
A long walk and lunch at the White Horse on Friday.
Listening to classical music (specifically Beethoven's piano concertos 5 & 1).
Playing some Abba vinyl from yesteryear.

05-05-17, 05:30 PM
I'm eere!
1. Lovely conversation with my son the other day.
2. I'm glad I'm having counselling.
3. Had my first 'go' on the till up at the shop. Great bunch.
4. The garden is finally taking shape.
5. Simon will hopefully finish the spare room next week

05-05-17, 06:43 PM
I'm late but I have an excuse..

1. Great crafting class today with the kids. I think I fixed about 50 baskets onto parachutes. Still I'll miss the kids when the summer holidays are on.
2. Aisling came and gave me a hand with the parachutes. She's been asking for ages so I gave in.
3. The clothes that I ordered have arrived and they all fit.
4. I eventually got the pattern right for the scarf I'm making for mum. It took me about 10 goes but I got there.
5. My friend is going to help me in my garden by looking after my roses for me. (Translation - she's taking my half dead roses to try to revive them).
6. Great support from here as always.

05-05-17, 07:48 PM
Enjoying the horse chestnut 'candles' even though they make me cough
Feeding 'Tabby' makes me smile
Enjoying the last of my Easter egg
Remember singing in Bruges
Come and Sing tomorrow
Have you stopped the 'thanks' on the Fab Fives ?

05-05-17, 08:03 PM
No, we just have a new one that I didn't get round to adding tonight. It'll happen over the weekend ;)

05-05-17, 08:15 PM
Thank you - ha ha

05-05-17, 08:41 PM
good to be back at work this week which makes for a more structured life

got my job centre application finished, wish me luck

looking forward to friends birthday in a couple of weeks time

had a few good ideas of how to improve my cv, all by myself

hey i found an app, cant remember what its called, but they asked you type in how you feel about your worries and i typed something like...

'my worries and concerns are easily solvable if i put my mind to it'

how i inspired myself ill never know but its true in my case, i think ?

05-05-17, 08:55 PM
2lb loss
Sam is pleased with my progress, so much so that I'm now using a 50lb resistance band and I'm only the second woman on the programme to do so.
I survived counselling
Support from here as always
Disney films

06-05-17, 09:40 AM
Wow Jaq :)

06-05-17, 12:02 PM
You are all amazing!