View Full Version : Friday Fab 5's: Friday 14th April 2017

14-04-17, 09:49 AM
Woohoo! 'Tis Friday!
So, in the age old DWD fashion, I ask you the most important question you will be asked today.... *pauses for drum roll and dramatic effect*......

What 5 (or more or fewer) things have been positive for you or made you smile this week?

Remember, they don't have to be "climbed mount Kilimanjaro on my hands and a unicycle" but they can be, "sat in the sun drinking a cup of tea" or "got up every day this week" etc

Also remember - NO NEGATIVITY or it will be removed.

Mine to get you started:

~ Spending quality time with my sister and her children.
~ BBQ's and firepits!
~ Walking with our dogs
~ Difficult decisions have been made
~ Love and support from everyone here as always
~ Pierre living in our pond!

Your turn!

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14-04-17, 09:59 AM
Max has calmed down a lot on his walks.
Superman Cons
Max's paw injury not at bad as first thought and all better in a couple of days
Watching River Monsters
Free chocolate from BG

14-04-17, 11:26 AM
1. Survived a full day surveying on Monday
2. The boss hid little eggs around the office yesterday, little moral boost for office finding them in weird and wonderfull places!
3. 4 days rest now to recharge after a long working week.

14-04-17, 11:34 AM
What a great week :)

- mum visiting for 3 days and spending lots of time with her
- a girlie day out with mum, Katie & Jess
- going to Church Wednesday morning for Holy Communion
- a lovely meal out with my friend
- and, on the above note, pub ham, eggs and chips nom nom ;)

14-04-17, 06:12 PM
Well done everyone! :)

14-04-17, 06:57 PM
- A good session with Sam yesterday
- Been getting out of the house more
- Enjoying exercising

14-04-17, 07:56 PM
I think I'll give it a go;-

1. Getting a lot of lovely hugs from Aisling. Even though she has actually passed me out height wise.
2. I think the support from here is second to none. It was a terrible week but the people here have pulled me through.
3. Hubby being a rock as usual.
4. I actually got the beads today to repair my sisters dress. It's been on the long finger since Christmas.
5. My mug tree pretending to be twigs to hang my small Easter Eggs up.

15-04-17, 07:04 PM
Oh dear..I'm late again, but here goes.
1. All my blood tests and BP are apparently normal...that's good.
2. Phoned Zoe and she is ok. She feels more confident now.
3. Getting to know some of the people in our village and they're really helpful.
4. Our garden is starting to look like a garden, Ian's worked so hard
5. Had a lovely morning out with Ian today, it's lovely to see different places.

15-04-17, 08:41 PM

- nice walk with mom;
- cuddles with a cat;
- little holiday.