View Full Version : Fab 5s - Friday 24th March 2017

24-03-17, 08:31 AM
So it's that time of the week again. What 5 (or more or less) things have been positive for you this week. It doesn't matter how big or small they are, they all count. Remember no negativity or it will be removed!

Here's mine to start:

- finally being free of diazepam, it's now been a week since my last dose
- lovely lunch out with my bff to celebrate her birthday
- lovely chat with my parents over FaceTime
- katie having her braces off, her teeth are beautifully straight
- and, last but not least. Si has found a new, amazing job and starts a week monday!

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24-03-17, 09:07 AM
Amazing support from my folk here.
Having the courage to start a difficult conversation in counselling
My eldest lad becomes a teenager today.
Being spoilt rotten by a friend on Monday.
Same friend giving me a Lego Superman key ring

24-03-17, 10:44 AM
Losing a few pounds
kind posts on here from people who care.
Zoe saw the solicitor who put her mind at rest over certain queries.
Lovely hubby who's giving me lots of cuddles.
Grateful for a nice new fire and being warm at night!.....silly I know, but what a difference.

24-03-17, 12:05 PM
Dealing with things that needed dealing with.
Amazing support from here as always
Getting ahead on some of the admin tasks
Having a friend who's going to help me fix what I have broken doing aforementioned admin tasks

24-03-17, 12:53 PM
I had another brilliant craft class with the two classes today. I had a lot of prep work done, so the kids had a great time decorating their flower pots!
My display board is going to be used on Thursday night for the parents evening in the school.
My hubby bought me 2 lots of roses for mothers day. Thanks G.
I got an appointment for my GP on the day I wanted it and at a time that suits me. Hurrah!!
The support and friendship that I get from everyone here. Thanks doesn't seem to cover it.

24-03-17, 02:34 PM
Lunch at my sister's on Tuesday consuming lots of custard and having a good natter.
Custard Club on Wednesday and discovering the delights of prunes and custard.
Bridge on Thursday.
A beautiful walk in the sun on Friday and lunch at the White Horse ending with a lashings of custard.
And before I forget eating CUSTARD ;).

24-03-17, 07:31 PM
Mine for now:
- rather quiet and happy Friday:
- my Mom's condition is better and soon to be dismissed from hospital;
- The boss partially understood my situation;
- Nice talk with a nice persons and great support (here too);
- losing some pounds.

24-03-17, 07:33 PM
Well done, Selena :)