View Full Version : Friday Fab 5's: Friday 10th March 2017

10-03-17, 09:54 AM
It's Friday! Woohoo!!!

So... What 5 or more or less things have made you smile/been positive for you this week?
Remember - no negativity or I will remove it!

Mine to get you started.....

~ My new car! I adore her!
~ Going out for coffee (which lasted most of the day lol) With a group of Mums
~ "No day but today!" Yes it's arrived! No more sleeps!
~ My son being a cheeky so and so
~ Moiya seeing a vet and being much better this morning
~ Friendships and support from here as always..

Your turn!

10-03-17, 11:19 AM
-Smashing my steps target with Sam 2 weeks early
-I may have put some weight on but I'm properly hydrated for the first time in years
-GoT transmission date! Yay!
-Managed to get out and do some shopping
Support from here as always

10-03-17, 11:34 AM
Missed last week so I'm getting in early today.

Collected up and transported a humungous pile of leaves to my compost heap.
Listening to Dolly Parton CD's.
Moved my record cabinet and sorted my LP's.
Tuesday lunch at my sisters with a blueberry muffin and custard and a good ol' chinwag. (talk)
Wednesday lunch club with syrup sponge and custard. *slurp, slurp*

10-03-17, 11:38 AM
Now moi....
1. I'm pleased that I went to Knit n Natter on my own and met new people.
2. I had a lovely time at the old peoples club the other day..and saw more new people.
3. My sister in law sent me my mums first wedding ring...perfectly round..although it was shaped like an old three penny bit!
4. I'm happy that Zoe is coping on her own with the kids. I miss her, but that's life.
5. I'm feeling more at ease in my surroundings now. Ian is happy too.

S deleted
10-03-17, 12:59 PM
Surviving a difficult day yesterday
Finding out that somehow I've lost 5kg without even trying
GP was so helpful yesterday
Managed to buy presents for my lad in real shops with people and stuff
It's only a matter of time until I get my driving licence back now I've been cleared by the doctor as fit to drive.

10-03-17, 01:18 PM
Although it was a little bit unsettling with mum yesterday, here are mine:-
1. School today was brilliant. The crafts were easy and the kids all adored them.
2. No pain in my back after school, the walking to the end of the road is paying off.
3. Thankful that my mum is okay. We got a fright but the right things were done and she's okay.
4. I love having a cleaner. It was especially nice this week because I left her at it and when I came home everything was done. Thanks Mary.
5. The love and support that I have from here. To all my friends thank you from the bottom of my heart.

10-03-17, 02:59 PM
These are all so brilliant! Well done peeps!