View Full Version : Friday Fab 5's: Friday 24th February 2017

24-02-17, 09:28 AM
Woohoo! It's Friday! It's been a bit of a week for me, so I'm thrilled my family and I have got to Friday!


What 5 or more or less things have been good for you this week or made you smile?

Remember - no negatives as these will be removed by me!

Mine to get you started:

~ Such a lovely birthday
~ Things being sorted for B and his exams
~ The school being proactive for H!
~ Love and support as always from everyone here.
~ Birthday cake
~ Crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils

Your turn!

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24-02-17, 11:00 AM
A good day yesterday.
The Oreo theory lol.
A video I feel privileged to have seen.
Having the courage to end things with Seb.
Lots of cuddles with Max when I needed them.

24-02-17, 12:16 PM
Me next :)

Lunch with my sister and putting the world to rights.
Custard Club with bread and butter pudding.
Got a lift to bridge (thought the bad weather was going to keep me in) and had an interesting couple of hours.
Listening to Dolly Parton CD's.
Got my Neet (yep it is spelled like that) airstream wireless devices working so I can stream audio from my PC to my Hifi.

24-02-17, 02:15 PM
I'll go next: -

1. Enjoyed a party put on by our local supermarket to celebrate their 50th anniversary.
2. Aisling having mid-term break and not having to get up when it's still dark.
3. Getting my Visa bill, and having all the money put aside for it.
4. No damage done by storm Doris to my house or garden.
5. I had coffee with friends 4 times this week. It's lovely to get out!!:P

24-02-17, 05:05 PM
Awesome everyone! Any more?

24-02-17, 07:28 PM
Awesome assessment with Sam. It's been a long time since I actually enjoyed myself around someone new, and I was exercising at the same time! Win win!
Made progress in sorting out CBT
Friends here as always.
Sorting something out with a friend rather then sitting and brooding over it.
Finally removing the last dregs of poison from my life.

24-02-17, 09:57 PM
Those are epic!

I have another couple to add -
finding M+S vouchers to buy a pretty bra!
I can still bra fit for my Princesses!

I got a new laptop!!!!!! Mine has been dying for ages and Marc and my babies have surprised me with a new one! It's very odd being able to type without having to wiggle the hinges to get the screen to work properly! This one is a pretty aluminium and omg it's so fast!!! Am feeling mightily spoilt and was officially rendered speechless!